The Best of Cleansing Balms

The Best of the Best. 

Favourite category of skincare? Cleansers. Favourite type of cleanser? BALMS. So really this is the best of the best, nothing can beat them in my opinion. suitable for any and all skin types a balm will leave your face feeling super clean, but hydrated too. 

Just as good as oil to remove a full face of makeup, it can strip away waterproof mascara, foundation, glitter, eyeliner. The works.  

They can get pretty dirty looking, especially digging fingers into the pots. 

First of all, the scent of this one is stunning. Sure it isn't all about the smell, but still - it really does add to the experience. Although this identifies as a sherbet, it most definitely is more balm-like consistency. This will melt off your makeup in a flash, leaving you feeling and looking super fresh. 

Who here doesn't know about Caroline Hiron's best selling product? The half balm cleanser is the perfect duo. I definitely will be finishing the balm before the cream though, which makes me wish you could pick them up separately... but then, it would defeat the whole double cleanse objective. Either way, it is stunning to use - even with it becoming dirty double fast. 

Shockingly I had forgotten how much I loved this. I finished one back in 2018, so I was in love again at first use when I started this one. This is one kick-ass cleanser. It will remove any and all makeup gently. Leaving your skin problem free and clear of impurities. 

I don't think any product can beat this one now. I love it. To the point, I smile with each application. The smell is luxe spa, the feel is perfection and I love the way this removes my makeup with little effort and leaves my skin feeling better than it has done in a long time. This is a holy grail product to me now, and one which I recommend all the time - even with the hefty price tag. 

Which balm is your favourite? 


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