Top 10: The Best of Scotland

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Oh they joy of being Scottish

There are so many things I love about Scotland, it really is an incredible place. I thought I would go over my absolute favourite parts. This post came about through the lovely girls at M&S sent me some of their top picks for Burn's Night. The ultimate Scottish meal, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - with some whiskey too of course. 

Definitely worthwhile checking out some of M&S Scottish range the next time you have a chance. 

1. The Scenery, The Landscape
How can I start with anything else? Scotland itself is beautiful. Think rolling green countryside, big mountain ranges, beautiful castles and lochs. You would never be short of photography inspiration touring Scotland, it never fails to amaze me in the beauty it holds. 

2. History
Along with the spectacular scenery, there is a whack load of history too. Think Braveheart, but more authentic. Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, Edinburgh Castle, a flipping Loch Ness Monster. We have more castles than we know what to do with, and all the history that goes along with it. 

3.  The Food & Drink 
Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. As shown. SO good. But we are also pretty good at booze too. Whiskey of course, and all the Gin. Scottish people love food, and we definitely love a drink. To the point we are known for liking it... but it is good. 

4. The Water 
What limescale? Water is something Scotland is rarely short of, but we rarely flood either. It's the perfect combo. We also are blessed with bottled water quality straight from the tap - to the point Tesco, Asda etc use our water in their stores to sell. 

5. The Wind
This one makes me giggle, and one the majority of Scotland can relate with. Living up here is windy, all the time, wind. So the minute we go elsewhere, somewhere hot, humid, congested, we all bitch and complain about the lack of wind. You can spot a Scottish person on holiday complaining "Where's the wind??" with their hands in the air. 

6. The Politics 
With the current EU situation, it should be noted that Scotland voted to stay. All of it. The whole country was painted together, united. Sure we still had votes to leave, but every single county collectively voted to stay. 

7. The Free Education
YAS. Definitely a firm favourite at the moment. Up in Scotland, we get up to 5 years of higher education paid for by the government. This gives everyone, from every background, a chance to progress in their career and achieve their goals. It also grants bursary to those from underprivileged backgrounds and to those of us studying nursing/midwifery. They are currently investing in the latter. Nurses and Midwives are under enough stress without fees and loans on top. It is the reason why I have been able to go back to uni as a mature student - and I will be forever grateful for it. 

8. The Baby Box 
I'm so impressed by the baby box. It has been a positive change. Giving every child the same starting block with everything you would need to look after a new baby.

9. The Culture 
The bagpipes, the highland games, Burns Night, Scottish Country Dancing at weddings, the kilts. I could go on and on, but I love how unique we are, how fun we are. There is nothing like being drunk, happy, 11pm doing strip the willow at a wedding, your dress skirt twirling about, no shoes, and literally flying across the hall being thrown to various male family and friends. It isn't a good wedding unless you wake up with bruised arms the next day - it sounds brutal, but wow is it fun. 

10. The People
There is something incredible about Scottish people, and sure I am biased, but still. It takes a special kind of person to kick a terrorist (on fire) in the nuts, so hard he tore the tendons in his foot. Check out Trump and his golf course, and the man who has a Mexican flag up next to it. We are just fun. Approachable, helpful, and the right amount of crazy. 

Have you ever visited Scotland? Would you? I highly recommend it ;) 


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