Photography: A Love of Lighting

If you get the light right, not much else matters. 

Photography is something I take great pleasure in. I love spending a few hours with my camera in my hand, props ready, lightbox on, trying to take some good photos while the light is just right. 

Getting the lighting right can make all the difference in the world. When the lighting isn't right, you can go in after, use programmes such as Photoshop and Lightroom to change the brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights - but the reality is it will never be as good as when you get the light right at the initial shoot. Editing photos when the lighting has been at it's best really will make the whole experience far easier, far better - especially for a beginner. 

I am currently using the Olympus Pen E-PL8 with the 40-150 lens or the 14-50mm lens. I typically shoot on portrait mode with my brightness turned up to +0.7 on the camera. By using the camera settings I can see the impact then and there on the shoot, and the camera is far more clever with a live setting to brighten than what any after editing app can manage. 

With the 40-150mm lens, you do need to be a fair bit back (around a metre) to get the shot to focus and be in the frame. The benefits of that, however, is the stunning bokeh effect it has (the blurry background). Good lighting will improve the quality of the bokeh too, which is always a good thing. 

The backgrounds can make all the difference too, having a white surround just helps to reflect the light, my bedroom is white - so it is the perfect setting for product photography. To ensure I get the height I need too I will often set up a balancing act with books and card. Seems ridiculous when you are taking photos - but wow is it worth it when you see the results. 

The final (and best) recommendation I have when it comes to lighting is the light itself. And unless you are lucky to have the perfect room for light all year round, the best thing is a lightbox. The one I use is from Amazon. It is available here for £25.99.

It will take your photos to a whole new level, and it isn't something I would go without now, such an incredible difference. 
Without a lightbox, with a lightbox 
Do you use light in your photos? Where is your favourite place to take photos? Let me know in the comments 


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