January Favourites 2018

Well good to know my January goal of losing some weight has well and truly failed, meh. Oh well, back to the usual grind I suppose, at least I have some January Favourites to discuss with you all :)

January Skincare Saviours


Here is the bits and pieces I have been loving to use on my face this month, and I must admit my skin is looking better now than it has done in a long long time. Got to love a regular skincare routine. 

Old MakeUp I Should Probably Bin (But Won't)

I love Make Up, but one of the parts I hate about it - is that it goes off. The expiry date sucks. Big time. I thought I would share with you the oldest makeup bits I have in my stash, why I still have them, and why I probably won't part with them anytime soon. 

First Impressions: Glossier (At Last)

First Impressions: Glossier (At Last)

I feel like Glossier is a brand that everyone within the blogging community is now obsessed with. I put off trying them for months. I hate hypes around things like this, but I caved in after seeing everyone obsess over them during their 2017 favourites. 

Top 5 Blushes You Need in Your Collection + Swatches

Blushes are one thing I just love to look at. I love their packaging, size, colour ranges and overall feel of using them. Because of that, I just love purchasing new ones. Expecially when they are beautifully packaged too. So I thought I would take the time to show you my top 5, and the only 5 I really use. 

First Impressions: Clinique Pep-Start Skincare Range

Being a beauty blogger, after some time (and a lot of effort) we often have incredible opportunities to try out new products which we potentially wouldn't have stumbled across ourselves. With this, I have discovered complete treasures I now just cannot live without. 

Top Minimal Lip Products

Sometimes life just calls for a really minimal lip to pair with a barely there makeup (or if you are like me, not actually there makeup) - As much as I am a die hard matte lipstick lover, I just don't think it suits no foundation and no other makeup - so I tend to opt for a more subtle look instead. These are the items that I have been loving for this, call this the lazy lip (That still looks pretty too!)

Blogger: From a Boyfriends Perspective (Ben)

You are sitting in Nandos and you’ve just got your food order. However instead of tucking into that delicious chicken, you are sat there staring at the table blankly whilst your better half, stood up is carefully moving things around for the perfect composition to feature on her Instagram story which is then followed by her carefully tagging you and your location before you are allowed to touch it. Welcome to the world of being the partner of a blogger/social media influencer.

How To Take Kick Ass Photos - That Need Minimal Editing (Even in Winter!)

How To Take Kick Ass Photos - That Need Minimal Editing (Even in Winter!)

I just love photos.

Photos are one thing that should be completely personal to you, everyone has different likes and dislikes, loves and hates, but for me, it is all about crisp, clean images - that are not over edited.

This post is focusing on blog photos of products, but some can be applied to all other photography.

I have no big beef with editing, at all, but I just cannot do it to save myself. Something about it scares me, the white balance mainly. The ability for it all to go so so wrong, terrifies me. So to combat this irrational fear, I have become pretty darn nifty at taking pretty photos without editing. *YAY*

So if you, like me, suck at editing, or just want to up your photography game (Because having a good photo to edit is WAY easier to deal with) here are my top tips.

How To Take Kick Ass Photos - That Need Minimal Editing (Even in Winter!)

1. Space 
Finding a space in your house can often be tricky. But the general rule is by the window. You want as much direct light as possible to land on your space for as much of the day as possible. Even if this means moving about your whole room - just do it. It is worth it. Both my spaces are right next to a window, one is on the windowsill (next to the bin and recycling #glamlife) 

2. Lighting
Without editing this is the most problematic of areas, but so worth the effort to get right, as no amount of editing can beat decent lighting. The issue is, that there is only a very fine line - or a sweet spot, between too dark - and too bright. I have found the best way to figure this out is just through trial and error. Ideally what you are looking for is no bright direct sunlight (shadows), but it still needs to be blue skies if possible, and overcast preferably. No big thunderstorms or rain clouds. All of a sudden you are natures bitch. I found about 11-2 to be the best timing, regardless of seasons. The easiest way to tell if the lighting is right is to compare the white in the photo to the actual colour white. If it looks grey or blue, it's too dark. 

3. Light Box
I don't ever think a light box can be used instead of natural sunlight, but it just helps to add a little more light - while using natural light too. It really does help to boost the photos that little bit more. It has been a saviour this winter for me. I still take my photos at 11-2, but this just helps to brighten from every angle and brighten the wall behind my photos. It's trial and error on positioning, but once you have it sussed there is no going back.

How To Take Kick Ass Photos - That Need Minimal Editing (Even in Winter!)

4. Good Camera, with Options
Investing in a good camera is always a good idea if you have the budget available. I did a full post on it here. Having the ability to play around with the brightness settings then and there - instead of just editing afterwards is ideal. Brightness can also be adjusted on the iPhone. 

5. Placement
Realising things like your angle, what is in the background, what is being focused on, any slight imperfections, you need to deal with then and there, so have a good look at the photo, take a few in portrait, and a few landscape, move the items around a bit, and play with the focus options, have fun with it. 

How To Take Kick Ass Photos - That Need Minimal Editing (Even in Winter!)

6. Plan in Advance
Organise what pictures you are going to need and for when. This is the one people seem to trip up on, then end up having to settle for the light they have, which typically isn't the best. I make sure I have enough pictures on the camera roll for at least 5 posts, then I take stock photos - ones which I can use for generic posts as a backup. This means I never need to settle for bad lighting.

7. Take Lots of Photos. 
No such thing as taking too many photos, especially from different angles, different positioning different distance, give yourself a lot of options to choose from because you might not be sure of the one you thought you would love! Also, don't be scared to re-do photos if you are not happy with them. I redid these photos for my Winter edit, and I am SO glad I did.

How To Take Kick Ass Photos - That Need Minimal Editing (Even in Winter!)

Other than using these tips the only "Editing" I do is I will sometimes up the brightness the tiniest bit, then maybe up the contrast a teeny bit too, but thats it - if anything. Even now I have lightroom I am still doing the same - old habits die hard I suppose!

What are your top tips for blog photography? Do you ever minimal edit? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know! 


*These items were sent to me for review, but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own, unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!)

Links used may be affiliated, cause Erin gotta fund her makeup obsession! This doesn't affect at all what I promote, it simply means if you choose to purchase through the link, I get a small thank you from the retailer for sending you their way. This won't cost you any more money, and won't affect your shopping experience, and if you are not comfortable with this, just google the item instead :)

The Lip-Balm Low-Down

Lip-balms seem to be something we all use, we all obsess over, we all bulk buy, loose, find and rarely finish... but I have never actually taken the time to write a complete review on the ones I love, the ones I like, and the ones I just don't care for. So here it is, a post on lip-balm, because meh, why not? 

The Products I Will Cry Over

 There is some items I just know the minute I use up, there will be tears. It can be a variety of different reasons, and these few items will sum up all the reasons. I hope I am not the only one who sheds a tear over makeup, so I hope you enjoy :) 

FAQ: Getting to Know Me.

Hey! My Name is Erin, I'm 28, and I live in Dundee, Scotland.

I'm sure there are lots of this you already know, but hey, DID YOU SEE MY NEW THEME? it's so pretty. But it's missing an "about me" section, and well - this will be it. So hopefully, you find out something you didn't already know about me. This post is replacing the "Life update" post just for this month because I did one on Berlin then Christmas

Let's Talk: Are You Giving Back To The Blogging Community?

The blogging community can be pretty amazing at times, all supporting one another and appearing to be the best, most supportive network out there, but is it as incredible as it really could be? I know I could really do with upping my support game, especially on twitter, but is everyone proving their worth within the community? Helping and supporting each other as much as they could? Or even at all? 

MakeUp: The Winter Beauty Edit

Winter seems to be flying past thankfully, I am so over the long nights and cold weather! I want to be out enjoying the sunshine again. Here is all the bits I have been loving the past few months, I do hope you enjoy :)

January: New In Beauty

Another month, another load of releases from the beauty brands just hoping to create a hype around a new product. But which of them have caught my eye this month?

January: Best Blog Posts

This is now becoming one of my favourite posts to create, without a doubt. I already read so many blog posts every month, so why not highlight my favourites? The best of the month. As always if you sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post (Leave your blog link too!) you will be added onto my reading list, and have a good chance to be featured! :) 

The Best Of: Laura Geller*

The Best Of: Laura Geller* Color Lustre Lip Glosses, Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Illuminator, Balance and Brighten Powder Foundation

Laura Geller is a brand I have only just discovered in the past few months. They very kindly contacted me back in November and I tried out their colour corrector and one of their swirl illuminators. You can see that post here.

Laura herself will be on QVC next month, showcasing some of her favourite and most popular products, so they thought they would send some goodies out to try beforehand. 

Matrix #BloggerMatch: Fin & Co (Carnoustie)*

I had one of the most incredible bloggy moments ever back in early December. Matrix contacted me asking if I would like to join their #BloggerMatch programme. They paired me up with one of my local salons, we would get to work together for a full year. Boosting each other, helping each other out, and get to build a good relationship between the salon and I, all while using Matrix products! How could I refuse?

iPhone Vs Camera: Do You Need A Camera?

2017, the year I became a camera enthusiast. 

In 2017 I made a pretty big investment in splashing out on a new Camera, an Olympus Pen E-PL8 to be exact. It came with the standard 14-42mm Pancake lens, I then purchased an aditional lens - the 40-150mm. You can read my initial review of the camera here.

Juvia's Place: The Zulu Review + Swatches

Hello 2018, and back to normal posts! (I know, still with the Christmassy theme, which will end on Saturday) I thought I would share with you one of my newest palette additions to my collection. Meet The Zulu palette by Juvias Place. 

What I Got For Christmas 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2017 - Missoma E Necklace

Christmas has now come and gone, it feels odd because I feel like it completely flew in, like I blinked and missed it. But anyway, I thought I would share all the goodies I was lucky enough to get from my lovely family and Ben.