Blogger: From a Boyfriends Perspective (Ben)

You are sitting in Nandos and you’ve just got your food order. However instead of tucking into that delicious chicken, you are sat there staring at the table blankly whilst your better half, stood up is carefully moving things around for the perfect composition to feature on her Instagram story which is then followed by her carefully tagging you and your location before you are allowed to touch it. Welcome to the world of being the partner of a blogger/social media influencer.

Being the other half of a blogger/social media influencer isn’t easy (I know get the smallest violins in the world out) but I thought I’d share how things are from this side of the camp.

I am 1000% so proud of Erin and the hard work that she puts into her Blog/Instagram and Twitter. She has so much going on day to day and she still manages to find time to keep everything going and she doesn’t do anything by halves. She is so good at it and its something she really enjoys doing and I think that shows in everything she does and I will always support it for as long as she wants to do it.

So what is it like being their partner? Well you got a small taste from the opening paragraph of this post but lets have a little look.

When I come up our first trip out together is normally a run to the local Royal Mail depot to get numerous PR packages. We sit outside in the car whilst she opens them and I look over waiting to see her reaction so I know its been a good delivery… or not!

Mornings are disturbed by the gleeful shout of “Ooh the lighting is good, I’ve got to take photos” followed by a rush to get dressed, get the camera out and get the shots taken all before you’ve really managed to really open your eyes and work out what is happening.

Evenings watching the TV are accompanied by a frantic tapping of the keys on the MacBook as blog posts are written and scheduled for the coming days. Hours are spent scrolling other peoples blog posts and commenting after all you’ve got to support the community as a whole!

The darkness when watching a movie (which you are really enjoying by the way) is slightly disturbed by the dull light of her iPhone as she comments on peoples Instagram posts and catches up with the latest drama on Twitter. You get comments of  “Wow how amazing is that” or “Ooh there is drama on Twitter today!” you take a look and comment appropriately. However you talk away (Of course its some interesting story of the day) which is met by complete silence and then some time after you get.. “sorry did you say something?”.

Being a graphic designer/web designer/developer I’m called on when something isn’t working on the blog. Usually some unwanted spacing in the HTML! Or if something needs photoshopping - no matter how silly (Usually removing dust from a palette)!

Erin loves her light box (you’ll have seen it in her last post)! Its strange I had one just like it before,  no idea where its gone, I lent it to someone but haven’t got it back.

Its really not that bad I say all of the above in jest - at the end of the day she is doing something she loves and I will always support her in whatever she chooses to do. Just give a thought to your other half next time your open your phone to take a photo of something whilst out on a date night :)

Sorry for interrupting the amazing content Erin normally posts!



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