Matrix #BloggerMatch: Fin & Co (Carnoustie)*

I had one of the most incredible bloggy moments ever back in early December. Matrix contacted me asking if I would like to join their #BloggerMatch programme. They paired me up with one of my local salons, we would get to work together for a full year. Boosting each other, helping each other out, and get to build a good relationship between the salon and I, all while using Matrix products! How could I refuse?

I have always had a tricky relationship with my hair. Others dream of thick, straight hair, while I think it is my own personal hell. My hair is SO thick, to the point I get tension headaches if I tie it up.

My Hair Before
Because of the weight and volume, I find it had to do anything with it. I need to straighten it to loose some of the volume, so keeping it au natural is completely out of the question. It struggles to hold a curl, and you can forget any of the cute AF braids and styles people do with their hair, on mine it just looks mad.

So for years, I have had it tied up, or straightened. Mostly tied up, with double bobbles to cope with the weight. My hair hates me, and I am not good to it. Last year I took the plunge and cut in an undercut to deal with the weight, this has helped LOADS.

So finally, I feel like now I am getting to a point of hair acceptance, I am at a stage where I would quite like to like my hair for once, so I think I will use this experience to enjoy my hair, rather than seeing it as a burden to upkeep!

The team at Matrix paired me up with Fin & Co. based in Carnoustie. From the minute I walked in I knew this was going to go well. The team are all SO friendly and so helpful. They have been really trying to change how a typical Salon would work, and now spend time getting to know you and match you to the right stylist to suit your personality and hair type. I LOVED this concept.

The main issue I have had with salons previously was them not believing me when I say I have thick hair, not booking in extra time, then struggling at the end when they realise they are taking longer than planned. It's really offputting, and has me feeling like a burden. Fin & Co took the time and actually listened to me when I said this. They then matched me with the lovely Ashleigh, who just GETS it. She has thick hair, so knew exactly what issues I face, how to deal with them, and how to make my hair just work for me - needless to say, I love the outcome.

My Hair After

Fin & Co used Matrix products in my hair, the colour is a "melt" (5ma, 6mm, 8ma, 10ma) Which is complete french to me, but I'm sure to hairdressers this makes complete sense! They also used the new Biolage range from Matrix, which I have at home to try too! (Post soon).

Overall, I am so so happy with my hair now, which is such a lovely change, it remains low maintenance, which is a huge priority to me, yet still looks cute AF when I want it too. 

You can view & book with Fin & Co on their site here  And follow them on IG here 
You can check out Matrix here

Have you had your hair done recently? What is your hair goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments below! 


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