First Impressions: Glossier (At Last)

First Impressions: Glossier (At Last)

I feel like Glossier is a brand that everyone within the blogging community is now obsessed with. I put off trying them for months. I hate hypes around things like this, but I caved in after seeing everyone obsess over them during their 2017 favourites. 

Now, I said a not so nice thing about The Balm Dot Com on my Lip-Blam Low-Down, and well, a few people lost their shit, so let's all take a deep breath, we don't all need to like the same things, and just because I don't agree with you, it doesn't mean I'm lying. mmm'kay? 

Now,  I decided to order the Phase 1 set (Which contains a Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Priming Moisturiser and the Balm Dot Com) and a Cloud Paint. I love the ordering process, but it did arrive in two boxes, one box had only a cloud paint in it - which seemed like a waste? and the other had the phase 1 set. The packaging is just SO Instagram, I get it, I see what you are doing Glossier, but it doesn't have the same effect on me. If it had been yellow I would be squealing. 

Anyway, onto the actual products. The Milky Jelly Cleanser was the most hyped up to begin with. To be fair it is nice. I have been enjoying it lots. I wouldn't say it can remove a full face of makeup, but a general day to day look it is nice to use. I'm not sure if I would be in a mad rush to go and repurchase this, but I am glad I tried it. The rose scent I find nice too. 

The Cloud Paint in Beam is the one I doubt the most. For £15 this is pretty steep for cream blush. And not one I am anywhere near as impressed with as everyone else seems to be. I would rather invest the money into a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, or even a drug store alternative, the only winner to me there is the packaging. 

The Balm Dot Com seems to be the one everyone is most defensive over. Especially when I said it was Petroleum based therefore doesn't do much in healing your lips - which is true for most people.  (The no.1 ingredient is Petroleum, despite their website not being too clear on this...) Petroleum-based lip-balms put a barrier between your lips and the outside world, but nothing is absorbed into them, so although your lips feel good - if they are chapped, this WILL NOT heal them. You will just be stuck in an endless cycle of constantly applying more and more lip-balm, hoping for them to feel as good as when you first apply... and at £10, that is one hell of a lip-balm habit. 

So sure, I am using it, and enjoying it as a no-makeup day lip, but I have no great proclamations of the Balm Dot Com's genius - and I definitely won't be saying it's a game changer or I will always need one in my stash - cause I won't. 

Shockingly, the last product I have seems to be the one that is discussed the least, but I seem to be enjoying the most. The Priming Moisturiser is my favourite. I have been using this every morning since early January and I love it, it just seems to moisturise but sink into the skin so quickly, leaving you primed and ready to apply as much makeup as you want over the top. This would be the one I would pick up again - without a doubt. 

First Impressions: Glossier (At Last)

Have you tried Glossier before? Do you completely disagree with me? Let me know your thoughts (nicely please lol) In the comments below :) 


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