February Reads and Recommendations (25 Books Finished!)

25 books in 28 days... 

Another month where I seem to have read more books than I realised. I've reviewed them all fully over on my goodreads account here, so I recommend checking that out if you are looking for more information on every book - or check out my instagram highlights for reviews too. 

January: 31 Books in 31 Days

I cannot believe I am even able to write this. 

I've read 31 books this month. THIRTY-ONE. IN THIRTY-ONE Days. 

I've been obsessed with my new Kindle and my Kindle Unlimited subscription - highly highly recommend. I do need to turn it off though, maybe next month? 

January 2021: Favourites

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Lockdown 2.0, January 2021. 

All of my favourite things from this month. I remember discussing makeup and days out - long have these days passed - and now I sit at home in my comfies considering if I will ever fit back into my jeans. *YAY* So here are the things I have actually enjoyed this month - they may have a theme. (There will be a post up shortly about my reading in January!) 

Dear 2021, I have Plans.

Well 2021 currently feels like 2020 the sequel, and I'm not enjoying it. 

Lockdown 2.0 has started.... badly. I feel the stress of home schooling, uni at home and boredom creeping in like a plague. If you had told me back in June I would be back in lockdown by January I think I would have cried - a lot. But alas, this is our reality now. The harsh reality of Covid-19.