February Reads and Recommendations (25 Books Finished!)

25 books in 28 days... 

Another month where I seem to have read more books than I realised. I've reviewed them all fully over on my goodreads account here, so I recommend checking that out if you are looking for more information on every book - or check out my instagram highlights for reviews too. 

I have Kindle Unlimited alongside a Kindle Paperwhite, something I would very highly recommend to anyone who reads more than three books a month. KU is £7.99 per month, and you can read as much as you want! All books marked with * are available for free on KU. 

32. The Doctor - Nikki Sloane 
33. The Pool Boy - Nikki Sloane 
34. The Initiation - Nikki Sloane 
35. The Obsession - Nikki Sloane 
36. The Deception - Nikki Sloane 
37. The Redemption - Nikki Sloane 
38. Play Along - TL Swan*
39. Doctor O - Lilian Monroe*
40. Boss in the Bedsheets - Kate Canterbary* 
41. The Magnolia Chronicles - Kate Canterbary*
42. Your Dad Will Do - Katee Robert*
43. Daddy's Best Friend - London Hale*
44.  DILF - London Hale* 
45. Nanny with Benefits - London Hale*
46. Billion Dollar Enemy - Olivia Hayle*
47. Billion Dollar Beast - Olivia Hayle*
48. Billion Dollar Catch - Olivia Hayle*
49. Stanton Adore - TL Swan*
50. Stanton Unconditional - TL Swan*
51. Stanton Completely - TL Swan*
52. Stanton Bliss - TL Swan*
52. Marx Girl - TL Swan*
53. Gym Junkie - TL Swan*
54. Dr Stanton - TL Swan*
55. Dr Stantons: The Epilogue - TL Swan*
57. The Architect - Nikki Sloane 

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Top Recommendations: 

The Doctor By Nikki Sloane 
I cannot stop thinking about Dr Greg Lowe, I swear he just lives in my fantasies now. I'm not usually into a purely smutty book, but Jesus whept this has me HOOKED. It was hot as hell, really really hot. The smut is FIRE, so well done, over PAGES AND PAGES. And every taboo thought you have ends up being said by Cassidy or Greg, it lives up to expectations and exceeds. The story line is pretty obvious, I mean she is having s*x with her boyfriends Dad. There is an age gap, and he is a doctor. It's very predictable but in a very good way. I recommend this all the time, 200 pages and worth every second to read - I promise you will not be disappointed. 

The Stanton Series - TL Swan
Stanton Adore, Stanton Unconditionally, Stanton Completely and Stanton Bliss
I cannot express how much I LOVED this series. Joshua & Natasha were just perfection, I loved the twists. SWOON. From the minute he enters I'm hooked, the wedding was incredible, the TWIST! AAAAH. I loved the Tattoo, I loved the perfect mix of drama, Smex and the perfect man that is Joshua. I know a lot of people have said he was a d*ck, a man wh*re - and I totally agree, but I clearly need therapy cause I can't get him out my brain. This series will have you in tears, either from joy or hurt. Their family and storyline is just beautifully done, and I cannot recommend this enough. 

If you want to see more reviews, check out my goodreads account here. 


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