Clinique Even Better Vs Clinique Even Better Refresh - Which is Better? Review & Swatches

The Best of the Best... 

I've praised both - but which is better? Which one should you go for? The Answer in a blog post!

I've been hyping the Clinique Even Better Refresh Foundation for quite some time now, it really is incredible. I'm onto my second tube now, and I couldn't be happier with it. The coverage is medium to full, it lasts all day long and it doesn't melt off my face over the day. You can view my Full Review Here. So, Needless to say, I was pretty sure it couldn't be beaten...  

Then I met the OG Clinique Even Better. I've been craving a more simple look recently - reaching for more simplistic makeup and a light base... so this seemed the perfect switch. You can view my Full Review Here.  It is far lighter coverage than the Refresh, definitely more of a daily wear - and perfect for work. It lasts all day long, doesn't budge from my oily nose either - win-win. 

So, what about comparing them both? 

I've been using both alongside each other for a few months now, and I honestly can say I love them both - and will recommend them both. 

I reach for the Even Better on lighter makeup days, on days where I just want a quick face, no fuss. I find myself wearing this for work too. Although it is lighter coverage, it doesn't move throughout the day on my oily skin (something I find can be problematic on a lighter coverage foundation). I love the bright natural finish of this, and I love how lightweight it is too... 

The Even Better Refresh is truly incredible. Full coverage, long-lasting, lightweight. The ultimate combo - oily skin full coverage foundation.  But I do find if you don't want to do the full face with contour etc, it can be a bit too much. I will forever reach for this as my number one when I'm doing my makeup properly though... 

Both foundations have the same shade range, and both contain 30ml. The Even Better is £3.00 cheaper. Overall pretty even from Clinique. 

I love both, and use both. I need both - therefore I cannot say either is better, but I will say I would be happy with only these two in my stash for a foundation. I find myself reaching for them all the time (for different reasons) - and cannot see anything I dislike about these two - maybe they are just made to be a power duo? Who knows - but I love them both! 

Have you tried either of these yet? What were your thoughts? 

Let me know in the comments below. 


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