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A new Range from Pixi... 

Say hello to the Retinol range - one which I was VERY excited to see launched from Pixi, a brand I have grown to love over the past few years. Retinol has to be one of my favourite skincare ingredients, so seeing a full range dedicated to it - I was buzzing! 

Pixi describes the retinol range to be: 

"This potent youth-preserving tonic features a unique time-release Retinol to help rejuvenate the skin for a natural glow. Powerful Antioxidants and Botanicals replenish the skin for a smoother, softer appearance while soothing sensitive skin."

Firstly, the Pixi Retinol Tonic £10.00 was a MUST to add into their Tonic Collection - but as much as it has been a welcome addition, I just find myself reaching for my Glow Tonic still. It has yet to be pushed off the top spot for me, so as much as this is a gentle, lovely tonic to use - I still prefer the OG Glow Tonic... (Sorry Pixi). 

The Pixi Retinol Jasmine Cleanser £18.00 has been in daily use now for quite some time (It's almost finished!). I've loved using this in the morning before my full skincare routine - it's a really good morning cleanser, but in all honesty definitely not strong enough to see any skin impact other than clean skin... which is upsetting. 

Then there is the Pixi Retinol Jasmine Lotion £24.00.. which to be completely honest is lost amongst Pixi's other Lotions. I just don't find myself reaching for it, despite putting it within my daily basket, I just end up wanting to use something else. The product is nice, lightweight, easy to wear and non-greasy, but I find myself reaching for products with added benefits such as glow, SPF, etc instead. 

The Pixi Overnight Retinol Oil £26.00 is a lovely product - but simply not strong enough for me. I find if I am looking to use a retinol oil I need something stronger than this - so in all honesty, I've not used this much. The formula is heavy, hard to blend - and simply not strong enough, which is frustrating. 

The Pixi Jasmine Oil Blend £26.00 is a beautiful addition to their oil family. Easy to blend, brightening and moisturising. But again, I just don't find myself reaching for this one. I've passed this onto my Mum, who completely adores it. 

Alas, it isn't all bad. I'm in love with the Pixi Retinol Eye Cream £22.00. I find myself using this nightly as part of my skincare routine, and I love the formula to blend in and help with my exhausted eye-bags! Definitely, one I will happily pick up again, and fantastic for the price tag too. An all-round winner for me! 

Overall, I'm not hugely impressed with this range - but I think my standards are far higher for pixi now, especially considering how much I love from their glow tonic range. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for gentler Retinol formula - but if you appreciate active potent ingredients, I would maybe pass by this one. 

Have you tried any of this range before? What as your thoughts? 

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