November Favourites 2019

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ITS CHRISTMASSSSS okay, not yet. But close enough. 

This month has been such a good one, I feel like I have done so much with being back at university and actually having some free time again - so here is everything I have loved this month... 

November Skincare Saviours

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The Skincare Edit.... 

Another month, another skincare edit. I love this time of year, but my skin doesn't. Hello, dry yet oily, spotty yet sore skin. I look like Rudolph with these spots - and not in a cute way. 


Another year, Another Calendar... 

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know my confusion, indecisiveness and hatred of the beauty advent calendars. Part of me loves them, I want them all. But a much bigger part of me cannot bear to part with £100-£300 on items I wouldn't necessarily buy myself. My usual argument is that I would rather spend £200 on things I actually want. 

My Top 5: Body Moisturisers

Hello Autumn/Winter... Hello Dry Skin.

My skin is fine all summer long, then the minute it hits October/November it dries out. Especially on my legs. So I spend ages using a moisturiser to ensure my skin doesn't become a complete flakey, peeling mess. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette Review + Swatches

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It's just SO pretty...

Every year I am sucked in by the Hourglass Limited Edition Palette. Every year I want it, and some of the time I end up making the splurge... but this year, I thought I was free from the lust of it all. This year was a copy from last year, with different packaging. HURRAH. I didn't need or want it. Then BAM, turns out they had launched a quad, a blush quad, a blush quad of dreams that I definitely did not need, but I definitely did want. 

Turning 29.

It's My BIRTHDAY (Yesterday). 

It was my birthday yesterday, and I've never felt so "MEH" about one before. The count down to the big THREE ZERO has begun. Ick. and I am not looking forward to it. My birthday was uneventful as always, but I did drink wine and eat a shed load of Indian food. It was definitely the highlight - that and cards from friends and loved ones. 

The Beauty Advent Calendar Anti-Haul 2019

The Anti Haul... 

It's been known for a long time I am not the biggest fan of the Beauty Advent Calendars... I did an anti-haul two years ago, and figured I would do a redo... to see if opinions have changed...

You can view my last one here.