The Beauty Advent Calendar Anti-Haul 2019

The Anti Haul... 

It's been known for a long time I am not the biggest fan of the Beauty Advent Calendars... I did an anti-haul two years ago, and figured I would do a redo... to see if opinions have changed...

You can view my last one here. 
Jo Malone Advent Calendar 2019
Jo Malone Advent Calendar £320
I know, I know. It's the mother of all calendars in the beauty world... but it's just so darn expensive. Plus, I just cannot see the value in it... it's not that I would be upset if someone dropped it onto my doorstep - I would be VERY happy, but would I part with £320 of my own hard-earned cash? Nope. Here's why. 

Within the Jo Malone Advent Calendar you will receive in total:
111ml Cologne
54ml Cologne Intense
30ml Shower Oil
15ml Hand Wash
105g Candles
50g Mini Soap
65ml Body Creme

... to put that into perspective for you, if you opted to buy full-sized products instead here is what you could get for your money...
175ml Body Creme - £54.00
100ml Cologne - £98.00
50ml Cologne Intense - £58.00
200ml Candle - £54.00
100g Soap  - £16.00
250ml Shower Oil - £32.00
= £312.00

Brain: Just buy the full sizes, you will use them, and love them more. I will add here though the Jo Loves Calendar is far better value for money with the contents, but it just isn't the same as Jo Malone - it feels like it should be the younger sister when really it is just as expensive. 

Diptyque Advent Calendar 2019

Diptyque Advent Calendar £320
The same principle as the Jo Malone, I would love it if I had it, but I couldn't buy it. I do find this one is a little better than the Jo Malone, but not by much. 

Within the Diptyque Advent Calendar you will receive in total:
525g Candles
60ml EDT
Pret-à-parfumer and fragranced gesture
Eau Rose perfumed skin sticker
Do Son Shower Oil 15ml
Art du Soin : Infused face oil 15ml,
Rich Butter 15ml

... to put that into perspective for you, if you opted to buy full-sized products instead here is what you could get for your money...
3x Candles (190ml Each) £141.00
100ml EDT £92.00
200ml Shower Oil £40.00
200ml Rich Body Butter £55.00
= £328.00

Considering I purchased last year's 3x full-size Christmas Candles for £75 in June, I think I got a MUCH better offer. 

Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Glittering Galaxy £150
I love Charlotte Tilbury, and I loved their calendar from last year. I loved opening it every day, but. BUT. It's only twelve doors, and only three of those are full size. One of those full sizes is the classic Pillow Talk... which everyone loves... and already owns. The minis I still have in my cupboard from last year... so really, is it worth the cost? I think this is one that once you have had one.. do you really need another?


MAC Advent Calendar 2019 - Starring You
MAC Advent Calendar £129
I have a lot of MAC products, and every time I buy MAC products I leave the store with a handful of samples which are included within this calendar.  I also have most of the things within this... I mean this would be great for teens, or introducing people to the brand, but the reality is most of us will have a lot of these already.

The Lush advent calendar launches 29 August
Lush Advent Calendar £195
GAHHHHHH ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-FIVE POUNDS. HOW is that worth it? HOW?? Sure it's cute, but there is no way there are any savings going on there. But then saying that Lush put up their prices so who knows? Either way, its very expensive for coloured bath water - and as someone who doesn't have a bath, well it had to be on this list.


Birchbox Advent Calendar 2019

Birchbox Advent Calendar £70
I have never felt so underwhelmed by an advent calendar before, which is a terrible thing to say - but I just cannot see £70 value within it. It doesn't tick any of the boxes I would need it too. It's just... disappointing...


The Cult Beauty & Space NK calendars, however, are looking INCREDIBLE. SO good this year! But, as always I will be making my own! So look out for my post on that over the next few weeks, in the meantime, you can check out last years calendar here. 

If you are on the fence on making your own vs buying one, you can check out my final thoughts last year here. I ended up with the Look Fantastic, Charlotte Tilbury and my own made. 

Have you purchased an Advent Calendar this year? Which one did you go for? Let me know! 


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