Beauty Advent Calendars: My Final Thoughts.

Sometimes I enjoy writing up posts that I know future me, needs to read. Before she reaches over for her card and splashes the big bucks on a fancy calendar, its good to have a little bit of reflection on the bits I actually liked, at the time. I know next October me will have forgotten all about the bits I didn't enjoy as much.... so here it is, the reality check. 

The Look Fantastic Advent Calendar. 
Cost: £95 (With Molton Brown 10x100ml Pack) 
So without a doubt, this is the one I enjoyed the least. The red packaging with the fancy drawers was a highlight, but the contents I will use the least. There were a few days where the products are something I will use, but a good few days I was unimpressed. With that being said, I do love the Molton Brown set I got alongside it, and that with the days I did enjoy I didn't find it to be wasteful in any way, I've definitely got my money's worth - but still, it wouldn't be something I opted to buy again. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Naughty & Nice Set 
Cost: £150.00  £75.00 (With 30ml of Perfume)
This one was actually their advent type gift for 2017, they had them on offer for Black Friday for half price this year - alongside the deal, they also had an offer for a 30ml Scent of a Dream with purchases over £50. So I got all the contents + the perfume for £75. COMPLETE STEAL! Because of the incredible offer this calendar was a joy. I love Charlotte Tilbury too, so it was the perfect bit of luxury on the lead up to Christmas, and I luckily didn't have any of the contents already, so its been fab to get to know the brand better. I've really seen the value in this one, but unsure if I would see the value in another one? Unless they really switched up the contents. 

The Self-Made Calendar
Cost: £170
Well, of course, I loved everything within this. OF course! I chose them all. But I would make changes for next year. I hated the cheaper boxes I used from Hobbycraft, it was hard to open, and the size made it really restrictive to what I could fit inside it. I would also put WAY more food in it. The absolute joy of a self-made calendar is that you can specialise exactly your shade, your loves, your wishes. Definitely worthwhile doing. 

Final Thoughts...
DEFINITELY check out Black Friday sales to see if you can get a bargain on a calendar. I have seen some amazing deals - but make sure you double check the contents to see if you will actually like it and use it. There is no point in spending money on something you won't use. I loved the CT one simply because it's a luxe brand that I haven't had a chance to try too much of, so this was perfect for me - but it definitely wouldn't suit everyone. For example, the Mac one would be useless to me - I had the majority of the contents. 

But, I would really recommend making your own, especially if you had a calendar this year you can reuse and refill with things you love. Part of me just wants to fill it with Lindt Mint. But I am going to try and add in something I love once a month - so I am partially surprised, and there are no big spends. I'm definitely going to be keeping it food too, I loved having Percy Pigs in it, so I will be adding Chocolate into it too. 

Which Calendars did you have this year? Were you happy with them? 


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