January Skincare Saviours

All the new Products! 

This month has been such a big skincare month, I've tried out some new and incredible products, and my skin is loving them. My aim for 2019 is to attempt to calm down my skincare, but it seems that won't be happening - especially when you have such incredible brands to try out. So here is what I have been loving this month. 

AAAH I love this stuff. Who doesn't love an oil-based cleanser? And this one ticks all the boxes. I love using this to remove anything and everything from my face. This is the hardcore cleanser, and I love it. 

The second cleanse. Foamy perfection. I love the way this lathers to remove any debris still on your face - it is a joy to use both morning and night. Definitely a winner in my eyes. 

I have been really enjoying this. SO glad I picked it up on launch day, it really is so good for my oily skin. I got the pore booster too, so I'm hoping over time it will do my skin a whole load of favours. 

The joys of working in the hospital is making my face sweat more than it ever has before. My oil production has been at it's absolute worst. 

The scent of this is just beautiful. Think fresh yet spa-like. I love luxe scents designed to transport you somewhere other than your shower. This is exactly that. 

I love a good primer. It really does make me happy being able to find one which works for my skin type, oily and problematic. This just leaves my skin perfectly prepped for more makeup on top. Winner. 

Hello washing my hands 24/7, hello dry hands that need to be moisturised all the time. Queue a good hand cream, and this one has been really nice. Such a lovely scent and formula, definitely recommend if you are looking for a good moisturiser. 

This is so hardcore. I have put this through the washing machine 3 times now - and it's still going strong! The scent is fab, and I love how moisturising it is for the hot climate in the hospital. 

January has definitely been a good skincare month, what has been your favourite skincare item this month? 


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