YouTube Clear Out & Refresh

Ah YouTube, how I love you. 

I have found my love of YouTube has never decreased, but I have found my tastes change over what I am viewing. With this, my subscription box has been a place of clutter recently. Channels which have changed to utter poop, and channels which I have simply outgrown - either way, I was in desperate need of a YouTube tidy up. 

I was finding that my frustration with certain content creators was enough to drive me completely insane. Hearing them complain about their lives all the time, things like not having camera people and editors to edit their two videos per week. Complaining about their hectic lives full-time YouTubing - admitting that they hate it, that it makes them miserable, but not quitting. Staying on YouTube to push products at us, books, makeup, merch. It's a minefield, and just not fun anymore. I did a post here talking through my biggest pet peeves. 

I also have an issue with them looking down on YouTube, despite it being where they started. So it becomes a backseat because they are pushing merch, their brand and their books. Because of this, I don't follow a lot of the big British YouTubers anymore; Zoella, Tanya Burr, Estee, InTheFrow... 

So I had another HUGE clearout. I thought I would share with you the Top 5 to stay, and the Bottom 5 first to go. 

F I R S T   T O   G O ...

Gabriella Lindley
I used to LOVE Gabby, her Vlogs were one of my favourites... but... she goes through phases of being SO miserable online. Her mental health takes a huge blow using it, and her viewers can see it. She would benefit being away from YouTube, which she does on occasion... but returns. This cycle repeats a lot. I'm just done with it all, it's like supporting a friend in a bad relationship - there is only so many times you can say LEAVE HIS ASS before you cannot handle it anymore. 

I just cannot deal with the clickbait anymore. Surely enough people watch them that they don't need to put leading headings in anymore? You would think so anyway... but no. Still happening, still annoying... and I'm over it. 

Jaclyn Hill 
*Morphe Plug, Morphe Plug, Morphe Plug* "I JUST LOVE this Morphe item" Enough. Just enough. We are all done with it. It isn't funny anymore, it isn't cute. None of us believes you, and you just look money hungry. I watch YouTube to be entertained, not to watch adverts. 

Kathleen Lights 
*ColorPop Plug, ColorPop Plug, ColorPop Plug* "Look a new collaboration... with color-pop... again". Nothing ever seems to change on her channel. I feel like her content hasn't changed. Her collaborations haven't changed. It's just not moving. It's lost its spark. I'm bored with it all. 

Colleen Ballinger 
It's just too much now. She has always been pretty full on, but I just cannot keep up with her now, her channel stresses me out, it's stopped being funny. So I've decided to call it quits. 

M Y   T O P   5 ...

Beauty News 
Everyone who enjoys beauty products needs to check out Beauty News. All the new launches in one place. It shocks me when people don't watch it. Especially when I seem to know more about future launches than the counters. Get up on the info and check out this channel. Kat and Hailey are fabby too, their own separate channels are well worth looking into too - especially if you like project pan. 

Jeffree Star 
Guilty Pleasure without a doubt. I love watching his videos, I really have no idea why, I mean he has his own products which he pushes... but he had them before YouTube, and he definitely doesn't need YouTube to sell his products, but wow does he commit to it regardless. He is so over the top - and so ridiculous at times, shadey too - but wow is it entertaining. I trust his product reviews too - he is quick to say when something sucks as well as when it is good. 

Lucy Wood 
SO GOOD. I love how original her content is. She needs to be checked out by everyone, she reviews mostly clothes in a body positive, shops suck kinda way. She is quick to mock herself, and definitely doesn't take herself seriously - but she is the kind of girl you want to be friends with when you watch her videos. Down to earth, humble and funny. All round lovely person. 

Samantha March 
I love Samantha for a little bit of American in my feed. She looks at releases in a "will I buy it" way, which is forever fun to watch. She also isn't a full-time YouTuber - which I really enjoy. She is just a nice person, fun to watch and quick to say when something looks pants. 

Okay, so I still love Tati. She has a real commitment and passion for what she does, and there is never any doubt that she loves YouTube and her following. Five videos a week she churns out content too, that commitment is unmatched with the other big YouTubers, and something I would almost expect from someone at that level. 

Have you had a YouTube clearout recently? I would love to know your favourite channels and who I might be missing out on!


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