Holiday: Lipsticks In My Suitcase

I'm on Holiday!! 

Hopefully, as you are reading this, I am loving life in Tenerife, boosting my tan aiming for a NC20 and trying not to burn myself to a crisp. I thought I would share with you the lipsticks I have opted to take with my for the holiday - fingers crossed I will love using all of them. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see them on, i'm sure I will still be on my stories loads! :) 

June Favourites 2018

Another Month, Another Favourites. 

Say hello to the June Favourites. Currently I am *hopefully* in Tenerife. HOW AWESOME! Fingers crossed I have found my luggage, still have AJ, and somehow am remaining sane despite a plane ride with a 6 year old and my mother, but I suppose we will see! 

In the meantime, here is everything I have been loving this month... 

June Skincare Saviours

Well, I seem to have blinked and missed June...

Seriously though how did that happen? Well, I have been focusing on finishing up products recently so my skincare routine has definitely reflected that, so close to finishing so many of these, so will be excited to try out different things when they are done! :)

Confidence: Going Makeup Free This Summer (AD)

*Collaboration with Neal's Yard

I think with the arrival of summer we are all stripped down with clothing and makeup. I know on hotter days the last thing I want to be doing is applying a full face of makeup to watch it gradually creep off my face as the day goes on. Nothing worse than sweating off layers of foundation on a hot day. *ick*

I have never overly struggled with the confidence to go out without makeup on, I think it comes from being a young single mum, who simply didn't have time to shower without holding a baby to even think of applying makeup. When I did start wearing it again, it became more around the joy of wearing it, rather than the necessity.

Spring Empties 2018

Another lot of empties meeting my bin. 

I feel like I am so close to finishing so much, that this empty post is looking a little small, but hopefully, the next one will be fuller - cause my bathroom cupboard is SO full right now. I wish I could use as much as I have. 

The LydiaEMillen X Cult Beauty Box Review (Back in Stock Soon! 12/2019)

The Best Money I have Spent in a While... 

Back in April, I decided to make a £155.00 splurge on skincare, while saving a fortune too I might add. The Cult Beauty Box with Lydia E Millen was a complete steal, whether you like Lydia or not, the goodies within this box cannot be frowned at or taken for a giggle. 

Official Beauty Blender Arrives At M&SBeauty!*

 M&S Slaying the Beauty Game. 

M&S really are killing the shopping experience at the moment, their brands are flipping incredible, and I am LOVING a quick (or not so quick) browse around their beauty section. Their most recent brand addition is the OG Beauty Blender, a staple in pretty much everyones stash now. I am at a point where I wouldn't use anything else to apply my base. Sponges are definitely better than brushes for foundation - well in my opinion anyway.

Blogging Stale & Feeling Lost

The blogging world has been quite the past month or so.

I feel like everyone has gone quiet, no one is here, like shouting into an abyss of nothingness. Typically hot weather brings a point where your posts are not viewed as much, fewer likes, and just generally less interaction. But it feels worse than it usually would, that there is so few of us, and those of us who are left are all feeling the same way, just deflated. It sucks to spend so much time doing something, and feeling like no one is looking at it. 

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Favourites + Swatches

The Very Best Lipstick Post - Charlotte Tilbury

It's been such a while since I have done a lipstick post, so I decided to do one for today - and why not make it the best kind of lipstick post to look at? The very beautiful Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I swear they are packaging perfection, and I cannot get enough of looking at them, having them on display. They are Stunning, and now - Iconic. 

Indie Lee Lotion CoQ-10 Toner Review

The Prettiest Toner 

I picked up this toner in the CultBeautyXLydiaEMillen collaboration, where there were some pretty incredible savings on some fantastic products. So I was so excited to try this one out.

The Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner has been a joy to try out. Definitely not as potent as a typical toner at stripping, but it leaves your skin feeling clean, clear and hydrated. I have loved using this daily alongside my skincare routine, and find myself reaching for it constantly over my other options. 

Overcoming Summer Chub Rub

When the best photo is an outtake... 

A thigh gap is something a lot of women strive for, but it is something which will be completely unachievable to a lot of us. This does not make us fat, or thick thighed... it is often just down to our hip placement - which is all genetics - sorry! 

Those of us who are thigh touching and non-gappy, will struggle with something I like to call Chub Rub. It doesn't even need to be chub, but just skin. it just means when we walk, sit, stand, our legs touch. And when the weather is hot. Trust me when I say this, the struggle is REAL.

Freshly Cosmetics Skincare Detox Plan Review*

Saying Hello To a New Brand

I really love trying out new brands, and Freshly is the latest addition to my round up to try and test. Freshly are a natural, vegan brand which prides themselves on having an entirely toxic free range. They are the all natural approach to skincare and shower products. 

I have loved trying out their range, and the Skincare Detox Plan gives you a good range to try and test  as a newbie. The packaging is sleek, simple and fun to have in your bathroom, and overall just lovely to use. 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

The Prettiest Product.

Have you ever seen a product more photogenic? Seriously I cannot get enough of photographing this. Hence the photo heavy post. But looks aside, it is a pretty fantastic product too.

I picked up LUNA in the CultBeautyXLydiaEMillen collaboration, where there were some pretty incredible savings on some fantastic products. So I was so excited to try this one out.

M&SBeauty: Summer Beauty Box*

A Beauty Box I Can Get On Board With

Who remembers the well deserved hype around the M&S Advent Calander? Well they have launched a summer box much the same, and the products are flipping awesome, especially for the teeny price tag - so have a quick look to see what is inside, then pick one up ASAP, because they definitely wont last long.