2018 Favourites: Makeup, Skincare, Personal

Honestly, I'm a little shocked 2018 is over... but at the same time, I am so happy with this year. I have managed to cram so many incredible moments into this year - so it seemed like a good idea to round up all my favourites from 2018 into one post, and here it is. 

December Favourites 2018

I feel like December favourites are often forgotten about with the yearly favourites overshadowing all. So I thought I would sneak in my monthly favourites now, while everyone is recovering from Christmas :) 

Feeling Down On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 

I love Christmas time, I love the trees, the lights, the scented candles, the coffee, Christmas movies, everything about Christmas... apart from the day itself.

Every year I find myself writing up a miserable post trying to encapsulate how I feel about Christmas Day, every year I delete it. This year I am pre-writing it. Simply because I know how it feels. Every year I find myself scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin' looking for someone - anyone who feels the same way I do, but I never see it, so I thought I would break my routine and post it myself, and maybe, just maybe, it might help someone. 

Korean Beauty With TONIC15*


Say hello to an online retailer you will need to check out in 2019. Tonic15 is Korean Beauty made simple, bringing the wonder and craze of Korean beauty to the UK in a super accessible way. With free shipping over £15, a wide selection of Korean skincare and makeup brands to try: Tonic 15 will have you spoilt for choice and your skin glowing in no time. 

Building Self Confidence


I think self-confidence isn't one of those things you can have and keep, it needs to be maintained, constantly worked on and always aiming for better. 

Personally, for a long time, - I struggled with self-confidence. I still do. But it is something I am aware of now, and something I constantly question myself over. Should the way I look to others matter? Or should it be how I feel about myself on the inside? Is there a happy medium? As much as we would all like to be able to say our appearance plays no part in our self-confidence I don't think very many of us can relate to that - and I don't think its true. 

Pixi Glow Cake: 3-in-1 Coordinated Cheek Colour*

Pixi Perfection 

I swear Pixi just nail their launches. Their products are quickly becoming staples within my collection as I find myself reaching for that pastel green packaging all the time. 

Their latest launch is the PixiGlow Cake, hosting a highlighter, blush and bronzer in an ombre effect pan. I was pleasantly shocked at how large these are. Big enough to get a face brush in each shade without making a mess of your face, definitely a winner. 

Photo Gifts From Cheerz*

Photos, Photos, Photos. 

Just in case you haven't noticed, I really like photos. I love remembering moments by taking photos. Especially with a good camera. Photos make such a beautiful gift too, my family love getting photos for Christmas, especially with AJ's geeky face smiling back at them :) 

Cheerz specialises in photo gifts perfect for Christmas - and every other occasion to be fair... so this post is filled with my favourites from their collection. Perfect for those last minute gifts - which need to be thoughtful.

Pictured is their Calendar, Magnets, Rose Gold Frame and Their Boxed Frames. You can see my other post with their products here.

I highly recommend everything really, but the Calendar is the perfect gift for any relative this Christmas. We also used the magnets instead of Christmas Cards - it was SUCH a good touch, everyone got something a bit different. 

Netflix: 10 Crappy Christmas Movies To Watch

It's Christmas Movie Time! 

Something about December makes me want to watch TERRIBLE movies that require zero brain power to actually pay attention to and get all the Christmassy feels. Something about watching a movie that has all the Christmassy cliches like Santas, carols, trees, snow makes me feel good. You name it - they have all of them, every cliche going. Even dead parent cliches - at least 6 out of these 10 the main character has lost a parent, how terrible are we to emotionally manipulate huh? 

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Whether it be your mum, sister, cousin, aunt, best friend, girlfriend - this post should have you covered. Everything beautiful which might be the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Christmassy Self Care

December is my favourite month of the year - without a doubt. I love the Christmassy vibes, I love the lights, SANTA. *eeeeeep* SO exciting. But, I will also be the first to admit that the minute Christmas day is over, my heart breaks and the blues well and truly sets in. All the hype, all the buzz - gone. For a whole year. For me, it is so important to maintain a good self-care routine, so when I feel sad Christmas is over - I have already taken the time to appreciate it, and still enjoy the leftover vibes until at least March. So here are the things I will do to enjoy some self-care this Christmas.