December Favourites 2018

I feel like December favourites are often forgotten about with the yearly favourites overshadowing all. So I thought I would sneak in my monthly favourites now, while everyone is recovering from Christmas :) 

I have the shade rose elixir and I find myself reaching for it all the time - on those days where I just cannot be assed with a full face of makeup - which is all the time at the moment, to be honest! It just adds a glow to the skin which is passible as a glow, pretty. 

Keeping up with the theme of I'm too lazy to do my makeup properly we have my quick, go to concealer to quickly blend away my eye-bags and spots. This just applies so easily with my fingers, quick go-to. 

To Me, Love me. This was in my advent calendar this year (the one I made myself) and I love it. Definitely glad I added this in as an extra little treat because that subtle shimmer is SO pretty. 

How Christmassy is this? I LOVE a gold shade on my nails all year round, but especially at Christmas time. This one is limited edition too, so if you want it - best get it quick! 

C. Tilbury had this on offer for Black Friday. Originally priced at £150.00 to be used as a calendar, I drooled over this last year. This year it was on special offer for £75.00. It was checked out quicker than I could blink - and wow was it worth it! But you'll get a post on that next week! 

C. Tilbury had an offer on for Black Friday where if you spent over an amount you got a free 30ml perfume too, SUCH a good deal. I have been loving it too, so so beautiful. The scent is floral yet deep, sexy. It's really nice. 

LAURA DAMN YOU. If you haven't seen the fuss over these on Instagram where have you been? Laura from Laura Louise Makeup + Beauty has been hyping them up since December first and wow are they worth the hype. SO good. 

I'll be doing a post soon on which ones came up tops but wow do I love a Christmas Candle. I have both the Diptyque one and the Jo Malone one too, which I am VERY excited about. Love a candle. 

9. Criminal Minds
Seriously, Garcia is goals. She is amazing. If it wasn't for her there would be no show. I love the show too tbh, but Garcia is my favourite bit! 

10. Christmas Day 
Christmas was SO good this year. My little boy got the present of his dreams, he cried, it was one of the best moments ever. Some Christmas's I haven't loved as much, but this one seems to have been a winner. Oh and we are off to Stobo Castle now too, *yay*. 

What has been your favourite part of this month? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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