The LydiaEMillen X Cult Beauty Box Review (Back in Stock Soon! 12/2019)

The Best Money I have Spent in a While... 

Back in April, I decided to make a £155.00 splurge on skincare, while saving a fortune too I might add. The Cult Beauty Box with Lydia E Millen was a complete steal, whether you like Lydia or not, the goodies within this box cannot be frowned at or taken for a giggle. 

Lydia is a YouTuber, social media influencer, whatever you want to call her - she is an online force. She specialises in all things beautiful, with an emphasis on high-end fashion. She is never really top of my people to watch, but I do watch the occasional video, mostly just to ogle her cats, bags and kitchen - she has kitchen goals. But overall, I am not her biggest ever fan - but I appreciate and enjoy her content regardless, she is a lovely person.  

She has been throwing out some pretty incredible collaborations with brands recently, and this one I spotted in her video, I knew I wanted it, not because I loved her, but because the products are F*CKING AWESOME - especially for the price. So there I was on launch day - card in hand. Ready to splash my hard earned cash on some pretty products. 

So I thought I would go through the contents of the box, what you get, what they are worth, and what my thoughts are on them - and links to full reviews if possible. 

I LOVE this. But DAS EXPENSIVE. Seriously I cry at the price, but it is SO good. I am shocked by how well this can remove a face of makeup, especially for a foam. I love the scent, the feel, the application, it is so nice to use. 

I love this toner. I love it. It's so good. The glass bottle is far from travel-friendly, but oh my goodness it is an absolute joy to use daily. I find myself wanting to use this, and to be honest - I think I would happily pay for another bottle when this one runs out. 

I love this, on days where I am not wearing makeup, this is what I go for. It just makes my face look filtered. like real life pretty glowy filter. What isn't to love about that? Oh yeah - the price. I'll be crying when this one is finished. The one issue I have with this is that on oily skin - this IS NOT a good base for makeup. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a more minimal look - but loves a glow. 

I am still on the fence on this one, I don't think I have used it enough to make a judgement on it yet, stay tuned for that one - but I know SO many people who completely love it. So I need to give it a fair shot and see what I think. 

Call me Smurfette, cause I'm all blue whenever I use this, and I am totally alright with that. The smell isn't my favourite, but I do enjoy using it. I did a full review on it last week - so if you want an in-depth walkthrough, check it out :) 

This one I actually had an issue with when it arrived. Instead of the shade pictured, they sent me the darkest shade. Yeah, it didn't work on my pasty skin tone. But Cult Beauty was super quick to fix the issue, and it had a happy ending *yay* I have been loving using this on no makeup days, this just makes me glowy in such a good way - to the point people say, but can't figure out why. MAGIC. 

So there is the contents, all £292.50 worth for £155.00 - SO GOOD. 

This post was actually never going to happen, because I didn't want to do a NAH NAH you can't get it anymore kind of post, but it is being relaunched by Cult Beauty soon (No date available) but you can sign up for the waiting list, trust me - you don't want to miss this again.

The price since has risen, this is due to the 18-month difference, so the value has also gone up - it is still a complete bargain! 

LINK FOR December 2019

Did you get your hands on it the first time? Are you interested now? Let me know in the comments! :) 


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