Spring Empties 2018

Another lot of empties meeting my bin. 

I feel like I am so close to finishing so much, that this empty post is looking a little small, but hopefully, the next one will be fuller - cause my bathroom cupboard is SO full right now. I wish I could use as much as I have. 


Lush Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel 
Lush is SO expensive for shower gel, it makes me weep just thinking about it, even at half price in the boxing day sale, this is expensive. It was nice, I did enjoy it, but I wouldn't be in a big hurry to repurchase. 

I really enjoyed using this, the pump is so easy in the shower, and I loved the scent. 

Without a doubt the best shower gel I have ever used. I LOVE THIS. I need it in my shower at all times now, the foam is so easy to wash and shave with, and oh my goodness the scent is HEAVEN. I love the smell, its like sunshine and summer in a bottle. 


I loved this face wash so much. The pump made using it so easy - especially in the shower where I keep it. I used this every morning and loved the gentle yet effective formula too. I was gutted when this finished, and wouldn't hesitate to repurchase if I needed a face wash. (right now I am using up my current stash) 

I am now obsessed with lip scrubs. I use *eat* them in the shower every morning. I consider them a pre-breakfast treat which just so happens to keep my lips feeling great all the time. The moment I started using them daily, I have had zero issues with my lips flaking, being dry or sore. If you don't use one regularly already I would highly recommend it - and I really like the Jeffree Star ones. 


I love a silicone based primer on oily, big pore skin like mine. This one was so extra, so excessive, but really nice to use. I got this for myself after my birthday, and I have loved using it. I am in no hurry to pick up another bottle, but I would recommend it and would repurchase if needed.  

Now, this I had a back up for long before it finished. I refuse to be without this foundation now, it is just SO good. It doesn't budge, it doesn't slip off my face, the colour range is incredible. I could go on and on all day as to how much I love this foundation, my holy grail now. 

This has been my go-to liner for well over a year now for my nude lipsticks. It is now so short and stumpy it breaks every time I sharpen it, and when I do try to sharpen it I cant turn it. So yeah, I have given up with it. Sorry liner. I did love it, but damn that price. Not sure if I would pay that again for a liner - especially when there are good ones at the drugstore too. 


Yeah I have issues with candles, to the point I had to bin them rather than take photos of them. Included in the empties this time though was Jo Malone *EEEK* 

I am hoping to get through more over summer because I seem to get far more into my stash than out of. Oh, the joys of being a beauty lover.

What have you finished up recently? Let me know in the comments below! 


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