Confidence: Going Makeup Free This Summer (AD)

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I think with the arrival of summer we are all stripped down with clothing and makeup. I know on hotter days the last thing I want to be doing is applying a full face of makeup to watch it gradually creep off my face as the day goes on. Nothing worse than sweating off layers of foundation on a hot day. *ick*

I have never overly struggled with the confidence to go out without makeup on, I think it comes from being a young single mum, who simply didn't have time to shower without holding a baby to even think of applying makeup. When I did start wearing it again, it became more around the joy of wearing it, rather than the necessity.

Buth having the confidence to go completely makeup free is a scary concept for some, the fear of being so exposed and vulnerable is a hard battle to face. Especially when you love makeup and love the confidence it brings when you know you look incredible.

But, it can be empowering both for your own self-esteem and for the condition of your skin, to allow your skin to be exposed — especially in summer (with a good SPF of course). 

Spending the day on the beach, or by the poolside, or just lying in your garden, loving the sunshine, can be the days you choose to go makeup free and enjoy the heat without worrying about the condition of your makeup. 

A big step of having the confidence to rock a makeup-free look has to be the importance of maintaining a good, regular skincare routine for both in the morning and at night. Simply implementing a good routine is enough to ensure your skin is looking and feeling at its best — ensuring you are feeling your best too. 

Maintaining a good skincare using natural products can reduce redness, maintain moisture levels, reduce oil production and reduce pesky breakouts. Everything you need or want in your skin to feel clear and confident this summer. 

Ensuring your skincare routine is in place and allowing your skin to be free of makeup for a day will also ensure your makeup application is at the best it potentially can be on the days you want to rock a full face too. 

I enjoy taking the time to spend days without makeup and allow my skin to recover from the harsh conditions I place it under on a daily basis. Taking the time to go without makeup on a weekly basis allows me to remain in touch with my face under the layers of foundation, and maintain my self-confidence with and without makeup - after all, feeling good about yourself should not be entirely dependant on the makeup we wear. (Even if it is really pretty) 

Do you wear lots of makeup over summer? Or do you prefer to go for a more natural look? Let me know in the comments below. 


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