Why I'm DONE with Instagram Perfection

A word from a shit influencer

I'm 10 weeks into a placement block, I'm exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. The very last thing on my mind is my housework, my hair, my eyebrows, clothes - even taking pretty pictures. I have been scraping by on instagram with photos I took a month ago, or simply not posting... 

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Student Midwife Diaries #10

Oh my goodness I'm almost a 2nd Year. 

All three units passed with 3x A's. YAY.

At last, feel as if I belong there, amongst my classmates. My hard work proving my place - that it isn't simply luck. This month has been full of incredible moments too, The Student Midwifery Conference was a definite high point. Meeting other Scottish student midwives was incredible, hearing their journeys and learning more than I ever thought possible in a day. We heard from some truly inspiring people about difficult topics within midwifery, and the part we all can play in improving care. we discussed: Trauma and PTSD in Labour, The Science of Human Connection, Pregnancy within the Criminal Justice System, The Impact of CSA in Pregnancy, FGM, Teen Pregnancy. It was really interesting.. and I had such a lovely time catching up with my Midwifery friends too! 

We also took part in the Midwifery Insight Day for potential 2020 applicants, that was fun, answering questions and hoping to give some reality/inspiration to joining the course. Was lovely catching up with all the lecturers too! 

T R I A G E   /   D A Y   A S S E S S M E N T 

My shortest placement was at Day Assessment, seeing high-risk women and appointments with their doctors. Highlights included seeing a successful ECV, where they turn the baby from breech (bum first) to cephalic (head first), I also saw a twin scan on new equipment, it was SO clear. The heart looked incredible on the scan, to see our learning from uni on a real baby in utero was incredible - the doctors were kind enough to facilitate this too, makes learning so much easier when the people around you are keen to help. 

The triage phone was fun, as someone who has worked in a call centre for 11 years the phone is comfortable to me - taking details and listening to their call, I enjoyed the process. 

The true highlight of Triage was my mentor though, she was incredible. So kind, so patient, so caring. She really knew how to encourage in the best way. I did two vaginal examinations in triage with her - and having someone really push you in the right direction was incredible. She was a good giggle too, I was sad to only have the two weeks with her by the end, I feel like she could have taught me far more in a few more short weeks. 

C O M M U N I T Y 

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed community placements. My mentor in this community placement is so lovely too, she is fun, kind, sweet. She also trusts you to go just beyond your comfort zone and pushes and helps you where appropriate - the best kind of teacher. Since starting with her my confidence with obtaining bloods has skyrocketed along with my confidence in assessing the baby's engagement. 

I've also gained more experience with postnatal home visits and complications. My favourite aspect of community though is the Antenatal appointments, I love getting to know women and their families, building that relationship and trust with women through continuity is so lovely. 

I've had two more births this month, taking my number to twelve. The first was a home birth - opening my eyes to that world, seeing the logistics of it alongside the role midwives play in a home setting. I must say I am undecided if I enjoy them as much as I thought I would - but I will reserve judgement for further experience. 

The second birth was incredible. In a Midwifery Led Unit, the experience is just different. My mentor left me to catch, the baby came out tangled up within the cord, I shakily detangled and placed the baby up onto the mum's chest. It was perfect. 

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