July's Skincare Saviours

What Skincare Routine? Ooops. 

Anyone else ROASTING? Just me. Oh well... This month's routine reflects my mood, exhausted, hot and unbothered. I need to up my game. 

Nothing beats Mitchum in terms of performance. In this heat, it has been the only product I have been full-on RELYING on to pull through, and it never disappoints. 

This being kept in the fridge is the go-to refresh when I get home, when I get up, or pretty much whenever I open the fridge. Highly recommend in this heat. 

This is actually my Mum's. But I used most of it while camping all over my sunburn. My face, my back and my chest. I must say it works really nicely on burns... sure it isn't the cheapest method to help, but my skin feels great now because of it. 

This was the only thing I used on my skin while I was away camping. It was just quick and easy, no running water required. I need to get more of this because I'm all out - and I won't be without it now. 

By the time I got home from camping my face was peeling from the nasty burn, this has helped to just keep my face hydrated - so I have been applying it every time I have been at home. The smell of this is incredible, like coconutty sunshine :) 

Up until going away, this was my new firm staple in my routine. I find Niaminicide works beautifully with my skin, so I need to start using this more frequently again now that I am home :) 

I love the smell of this. Like cola cubes. SO good. I use this constantly on placement, my nail beds are wrecked thanks to the handwashing - so this has definitely helped! 

My lips were wrecked after the sunburn too so this has been a saviour. 

What skincare products have you loved this month? What is your favourite to use on Sunburn? 


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