Marks & Spencers New In: Formula Skin Solutions Masks*

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Who doesn't love a good mask? 

I have been working with Marks & Spencers for a while now, and they never fail to impress me. Their own skincare range Formula is definitely worthwhile checking out when you are next in store. Their latest launch is this trio of masks designed to suit all skincare needs. I must admit I am impressed with them all. 

The white one, is the Deeply Nourishing Face Mask* £14.00. I must admit I LOVE the scent of this more than anything. Imagine holiday scent, coconuts and tropical bliss. This is an absolute joy to use - and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth in no time. 

"A wonderful choice for those who need a little extra love for their skin, this coconut face mask uses a blend of coconut, cocoa butter, jojoba, muru muru butter and shea butter to deeply nourish and replenish your skin. The creamy coconut formula of this deeply nourishing face mask smells beautifully of coconut and leaves your skin feeling hydrated."

The Hydrating Face Mask* £14.00 is the pink one. It has a jelly like consistency, definitely odd to apply but perfect for restoring your skin to a normal balance. This will cool, plump and lift your skin back to life. I like to use this when I'm feeling a bit run down - and my skin is showing it. 

"This beautiful hydrating mask from our Formula range uses an innovative formula that combines hyaluronic acid and rose water to soothe and plump the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, this moisturising face mask offers the perfect way to relax after a long day while nourishing your face."

Last but definitely not least, my personal favourite the Purifying Face Mask* £14.00. Designed to rid your skin of all the nasties, this is right up my street. It dries down within 15 minutes and can be removed with warm water. It also dries to show all your pores too - which for some reason I find both disgusting and completely fascinating. Either way, I love it. And find myself reaching for it all the time. 

"Sit back and relax after a long day with our Formula charcoal face mask working its magic on your skin. This face mask works to leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed, purified and detoxed, perfect for those always on the go or who love wearing makeup daily."

I really enjoy this trio, and I would highly recommend picking these up if you haven't already. Which one would you go for? 


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