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A Little Bit of Paradise to Brighten a Dark Space

A beautiful piece of wall art can make all the difference in any room, and for my bedroom, it was just what was needed. My room is definitely the most neglected part of the house - used for storage, photo taking and sleeping, it never feels overly uplifting - especially when working night shifts. 

There is a space in my room especially - next to the window, that never felt overly nice, untouched - shocking really considering it was the first thing you see when you walk into my bedroom. So I thought it was time to give it a little boost. 

When Posterlounge contacted me I was so excited to find something bright, summery and cheerful. Something to take me far away from miserable Scotland - and I think I did well in my choice. "Summer Holidays In Portugal" was the perfect print. Beautifully colourful and the perfect piece of paradise in my room - especially when moods are low thanks to the Scottish weather. 

Posterlounge also offers various sizes on different high-quality materials to print on; poster, canvas, acrylic glass, gallery print, alu-dibond, forex, wood and wall sticker - so there is something to suit every need. I opted for Acrylic Glass. I must admit I haven't ever tried it before - but I always think it makes bold prints appear even bolder and clearer - and it really didn't disappoint. Posterlounge also included the wall fixings and instructions to hang it correctly - which is SO much easier than having to faff about finding screws and fittings - it took me less than 5 minutes to put up. 

I'm so impressed with the quality from Posterlounge, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them myself. Their range is incredible - I could spend all day looking through their collections - so I'm confident it has something to suit everyone. 

Or, you can purchase the one I got here. 

Have you tried Posterlounge before? 


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