April Favourites 2019

All the Bests... most reached for... 

Here are my most used products for this month, and the things I have loved.. predictable or not. 

I love this packaging... it's SO beautiful. And yes you shouldn't judge a product on it's packaging but fuck it - it's pretty. The fact it is also a pale bronzer, perfect for my skin tone has just made it ideal. 

I really love a blue shade on my nails, it is something I will forever reach for - and this shade is utterly beautiful on. The Gelly range is such a good formula too, quick and easy to apply - but doesn't easily chip too. 

This is such a good quick and easy concealer. Definitely not the fullest coverage, but it blends beautifully under the eyes to lessen the dark circles when I am looking for a more natural look, I use this without a foundation base, and it works perfectly. 

This shade is SO stunning to look at and use, think peachy perfection. Ombre perfection. I use this and just think of summer, those bright warm shades which love a nudey peachy lip. 

I have been using this for over a month now - in sample pots mostly due to my shade being so popular, but I have loved it none the less - expect a full review soon! 

THE BOTTLE IS YELLOWWWWWW. Seriously it's yellow. And it smells good. Match made in heaven. I'm scared to even use it. It's so pretty. 

Chances are if I can put primula on something, its had primula on it this month. Primula with ham to be exact, the best kind of primula. For £1.50 it is a tube of heaven, and if you haven't tried it yet you really should. 

8. New Vans £55.00 
These seem to have gone back up in price.. but I didn't pay £55 for them, I got them half price, and I was SO excited about it. They are so cute on, and hey, they are yellow - and will be perfect for summer. 

9. Outlander
OUTLANDER IS SO GOOD! I wasted a good week of my holiday watching every episode and it was a week well wasted. Love Jamie, Claire is annoying - but bearable, overall the storyline is just so good. I need more, now. 

10. The Hotter Weather 
Hell yes to the sunshine, bring on BBQs, beer gardens and wearing summer dresses and flip flops. 

Which products have you loved this month? 


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