Spring Empties 2019

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It's been such a long time since I did an empties post! 

My bin was overflowing so I figured it was definitely time to do another empties post. I seem to have only used up body wash - so at least I smell good right? I need to focus more on skincare and some makeup, so i'm hoping by the next update this will be a lot more well rounded shall we say :) - but here is this update, I hope you enjoy.


This smells so fresh and clean, such a good summer scent. Such a good price range too, available from M&S. 

AJ loves this stuff, he used to tell everyone he smells like robots, turns out robots smell like apples, who knew? 

This is AJ's new favourite. Mine too. This smells AMAZING. Like summer in a bottle. I will never stop repurchasing this one. 

This is nice, but it doesn't smell anywhere near as good as the pineapple one (Sorrrrrry). 

These smell tropical, really nice. I used foams for shaving my legs - and I loved this one. Think holidays somewhere warm - smells similar. 

I got this set around Christmas time and I have been loving using them all, different scents to decide on my favourite from their collection. 


I have loved this, but I hate paying postage on something so teeny, so might put off for a while - and try something else.  

Glossier You (Sample) £45.00  
I really enjoyed this, really really liked it. It's fresh, yet warm and musky. If only I didn't have 10+ perfumes to use lol.

This mascara is ideal if you have bigger lashes to start with - but definitely not the most lengthening mascara available. 

I really enjoyed this, such a good mascara for thickening and volumising. Really impressed and would happily repurchase. 

I was really impressed with this one too, really beautifully lengthened my lashes without clumping, I really enjoyed this one. 


I love this scrub so much, I really don't mind which flavour, because I'm yet to find one I dislike, I already have another one of these in use. 

This is really really refreshing, I loved using this in the morning after a shower. Not sure if I would repurchase due to more toners though. 

I love the smell of this one, and its perfect for winter. But I'm sweaty I need mitchum for summer, hardcore. 

I can't seem to find this online, I really hope it hasn't been discontinued because I really liked it.... 

I loved this, so so much. The smell was so fresh, perfect for in the morning. I would happily pick this one up again. 

I loved this the two times I used it. But I need to sell a limb to buy it so might wait til I'm finished some more first. 

Very funky when applied, like metallic silver. Novelty is incredible - but I don't think I'm ready to part with that kind of money for it.. 

I really want this... but I don't want to part with that kind of cash for it... oh the dilemma. I really enjoyed it though. 

I didn't technically finish this - I accidentally put it in the washing machine, but it was nice while it lasted (Repurchased).

I loved this, so so much. I was sad to see the end of it - but seriously impressed that I finished a lip balm without loosing it. YAY. 

Lush Rudolph Jelly Face Mask 
I HATED this. It's like (and looks like) smearing poop on your face. NOT cute. Not even sure it did anything either. I didn't finish it. 

What have you finished lately?


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