May Favourites 2015

This month seems to have completely flown by, being away for over a week really cuts into a month, especially when it comes to picking out favourites.

But taking a look back at all my photos, its clear which items should be in here. The ones I have been unable to put down, the reliable products that just make me happy.

 1. Mac - Amber Lights (£10.00)
2. Mac - Sumptuous Olive  (£10.00)
3. Mac - Velvet Teddy (£15.50)
4. Mac - Kohl Liner Teddy (£14.00)
Picking makeup was easy once I actually thought about it. I have been wearing these all month. I really cant get enough of the greeny gold eyes and a nude lip. MAC has been my best friend this month, mainly Sumptuous Olive, Amber Lights, the Eye Kohl pencil in Teddy and my Velvet Teddy lipstick.
The velvet teddy lipstick is new to my stash, and I must admit I still do love my Honey Love more, but I cant deny I have been reaching for this a lot over the past few weeks. Well Done MAC... again.

5. Barry M: Huckleberry  (£3.99 - Boots) Next up is Barry M... as usual. This time its Huckleberry. Stunning pale blue, very simmilar to the new Nails Inc White collection (but a 1/4 of the price!)
I cannot praise these polishes enough, they stay on for ages, the shine, opaque in 2 coats, what more can a girl ask for?

7. Superdrug Pro Eyeshadow Brush (£0.99 - Superdrug) - For 99p this brush is a steal, check your local stores because this is a must - if you can find it. This has replaced my RT blending brush, its amazing :) 

8. Original Source - Pineapple & Coconut Oil  (£1.29 - Superdrug) - I never give Original Source enough credit, I haven't used any other shower gel in over 6 months, this just always ticks all the right boxes, and the new summer fragrances are ticking all the right boxes. This one has to be my favourite. With the "moisture" aspect it also leaves you smooth and smelling incredible.
On a side note, never pay full price for these, they are always on half price somewhere :)

9. Primark Candle - Pineapple & Ginger (£0.80 - Primark) - Primark has shocked me again, these teeny candles last forever, and they pay off is incredible. Pick one up the next time you are in, I promise it will not disappoint.

10. Haven - Craig Tara, Ayr, Scotland (£119) -  Mid May, Iain, AJ & I went away for the first time just the 3 of us. I don't know if it was the location, our heated caravan, the joy on my son's face... or simply the company - but it was the best holiday I have ever been on.

If you have never been on a haven holiday, and you have kid(s) book yourself a week away, they always have good deals on, and I promise, the level of cheese is incredible, you will be horrified at the costumes, but it will be the most fun you have had in a long time. Embrace the cheese, and just have an amazing time!

So this was May's favourites, I would love to hear yours, so let me know what you have been loving this month? have you been on a haven holiday before? I want to hear stories!

Thanks for stopping by... :)

MAC: The Problems with Shopping Online.

Now, you dont need to tell me the value of their new "Eyes on Mac" range is good... but I am still beyond gutted.
This is always a danger with online shopping.... Size differences. 

The minute I seen the new selection of eyeshadow palettes from MAC I knew I had to have one (or three) I was so, so close to grabbing the warm brown one... until it went out of stock online that is.
Luckily the following week I was browsing my local debenhams and clocked them. I was horrified. They are teeny... like tiny small. I couldnt bear to buy one. So I left empty handed ready to cry.
When browsing online things will quite often look bigger/smaller than they are in real life... its part of the package with online shopping. When I had first seen MAC's latest launch I was convinced they were standard size, I mean you can buy a 15 pack for £60... ok ok my hopes and expectations were high.. but still, a girl can dream.
So there I was in store. Comparing them, I came home and checked online, they are almost exactly half of a standard pan at 0.8g each... £5 each x 9 = £45 so a saving of £15... thats if you like all the colours.
Anyway if you are looking to buy this, I have done my deed and pointed out the obvious. They are very pretty palettes, but im unsure if they should be considered as a huge saving.
I would recommend picking up the Warm or Neutral palette instead. If you are looking for a bargain this is it. At £65 you will get 15 full size shadows saving a whopping £90+ - Now thats what I call a bargain.

Nails: Nails Inc Lexington Gardens

I am 100% obsessed with this shade, it's just beautiful. 

Pastel but not too pale, purple but not too dark. My perfect nail colour.... I can see me actually finishing this.... Maybe......On a more serious note, has anyone ever finished a nail polish?

MAC: My Newest Loved Additions

After my last trip to MAC I swore no more this month. I was done... then these happened.
The new collection launched. The minute I see shiney different packaging - I just need to own it - and the fact it was in a shade I had been eying up for a while now.. well it was in my hand and paid for before I could even think STOP.... so here is the "Wash & Dry" limited edition in Morange. (Sold out online)  
Next trip was with my friends, we were on the hunt in Debenhams for a new lippy as a birthay present for one of our make up loving friends, so there I was with my strong head on, "you will not buy anything" on repeat in my head... then boom, one glance at the MAC lipsticks and I seen it... the Velvet Teddy sample out. It was actually in stock. At Last. Needless to say it was bought within about 2 minutes and I was happily walking out the store MAC bag in hand.

Overall they are both beautiful shades, I love morange, at the first application you feel a bit like coco the clown with having such crazy lips, but then your eyes ajust and it just works, perfectly. Great for sunny days (which are rare in Scotland)
Velvet Teddy I must admit is a little disappointing. Not because it isnt beautiful, it really is. But that much of a hype I was expectly liquid gold (or something of equal impressiveness) Definitely worth picking up, but I would recommend Honey Love more.... just to be different!

You can find them both HERE

YouTube: The Best of Beauty

I love to see who people love on YouTube, it's a personal thing, as if you are snooping really. I love watching YouTube videos, especially beauty ones, so here are my personal favourites, my best of the best.. Hope you enjoy, and If im missing someone you love tell me, im always looking for new people!

1. LilyPebbles - Ok, so I have a serious thing for Lily, i've been slightly fan girling over her now for the past year. I first found her on YouTube, then found her blog, snapchat, instagram, twitter etc from there. I love how relatable she is, how honest. How you feel you are there with her, rather than being talked at, it just feels personal. Plus her photography, editing, lighting, vlogging and filming is completely on point. She is a joy to watch.

2. ViviannaDoesMakeup - Pretty much the same as above, Lily & Anna are a well known duo on youtube, hosting their monthly Beauty Chat Live videos (which I cannot miss, ever) They compliment each other perfectly.. and they are genuine friends, its lovely to see. I love how they are both relatable, and you really do feel as if they wouldn't endorse a product unless they genuinely loved it... you wont catch them lying to you over a couple of quid. But it does result in you wanting to spend £30 on a brush, £70 on oil etc.. but I must admit, they are always spot on with their product reviews! 

3. BeccaRose - Becca has been quite quiet recently, buy I just love her style. I feel out of everyone she would be the one I would be able to go for juice and cake with, her little pug Rupert is the cutest thing ever too. She is the one who got me into beauty.. and showed me how to appreciate primark - so I cannot give her enough credit, I just wished she uploaded more. She has seemed so sad recently, not her usual self, so head on over and say hi, I promise she is worth following.

4. FleurDeForce - Fleur at first I hated, I couldnt stand her attitude, how much she disregarded spending several thousand on a handbag, but I just couldnt click unsubscribe.. I still remember watching her videos with dislike.. but still watching. Over the past 6 months I feel she has really changed, she has become humble, and sweet - I must admit I do like her, I enjoy watching her videos and she has recommended some brilliant products I just can't fault (like Ro's Argan). So yeah she is one of the first people now I opt to watch, give her a chance, I promise she will grow on you :)

5. KandeeJohnson - Ok so i'm sure everyone has heard of Kandee, she is totally cray cray, but damn that girl has skills. I have never seen anyone outside of RuPaul's drag race that can contour and minipulate make up as well as she can. Want proof? check out her Transformations, it will blow your mind. If she says a product is good.. you know its worth buying.  

6. KathleenLights - Kathleen is just a bubble of fun, she is down to earth lovely, you know if you met her, you would want to go for cocktails and just have fun, she is sweet and funny.. I like to use her to keep in contact with America's beauty bloggers... I feel she is the best one across the pond, and leaves me waiting months on the same things to be released here!

7. ICovetThee - She is just lovely.. she is so softly spoken and her product reviews are fab, I could watch her videos all day.. espcially ones on skincare.

8. Shaaanxo - Shan is from NZ, she is quirky, sweet and full blown make up crazy, she hoards.. big time. But in an organised way of course. Her make up collection video is just completely crazy.. but it means she is amazing for Haul's and swatch videos... want to know about a new lipstick line launched? she has bought ALL the colours and there is a review and lip swatch up on her channel... well worth following if you love make up.

9. GigiGorgeous - I love GiGi, she is barbie. Blonde hair, big boobs, loves pink and all things sparkley... oh and she used to be a boy. She is open and honest about her transition, her surgeries and her life. Confident, beautiful... (seriously she is stunning). She is really wacky, and everytime she throws her favourites across the room I want to sob (expecially when it was the macbook), but she is infectious, cant get enough of her!

10. AmeliaLiana - Amelia is lovely, but i'm going to be mean here and say her voice is so annoying... but somehow that is alright, she just sounds so upbeat all the time... her enthusiasm for everything is infectious.

So these are my top 10, who do you think is missing? who do you love?

Nails: Essie Forever Yummy

I would normally avoid red nails, there is something about them I just don't like. But for a wedding - and to match my dress - they just had to happen. 

Essie in Forever Yummy was my pic, 2 coats and done. I'm on day 5 now and minimal chipping. If I liked red nails I would be loving this polish :) 

May's Empties

a collection of this month's finished products! 

1. Oatifix Fresh Face Mask - the outcome of this mask is brilliant, it leaves my skin silky smooth, but it resembles smearing baby puke on your face. Not Attractive. it's also more solid than liquid, which just ends up being messy! 

2. Wei Sample Honey Mask - Really moisturising, left my skin super smooth. Lovely. 

3. Boots Mousturising Nail Polish Remover - I love these. The best pads I have used beating the other own brands and quickies. (REPURCHASED) 

4. Vitamin E moisture cream - (Iain's Product) - Iain got this as a freebie in his last body shop order.. And now has developed a love for it. Must admit it does leave his face so soft, and smelling incredible. (REPURCHASED) 

5. Yes To Grapefruit Facial Wipes - I love all the Yes To products, and the wipes are fantastic for lazy days where I just can't be bothered to remove properly! 

6. Dove Go Fresh Deodorant - This used to be my go to item, always the green one. But I have been trying out something new, and will update once I have made my mind up on it :) 

7. Original Source Raspberry and Vanilla shower cream - I'm obsessed with these shower gels. I just can't help myself, I need them all! 

8. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - 3 months and it's going clumpy. Such an amazing mascara and would probably repurchase if i wasn't so impatient wanting to try out new things! 

9. exaggerate Lip Liner - it's really no surprise I have finished this. This teamed with MAC honey love is my go to lip products. (REPLACED) 

10. Diesel only the Brave - (Iain's product) - I'm so gutted this is done. The smell of this on him is just incredible. Throw back memories of our first date together, for the price this is definitely worth it :) 

11. More McIntyre candles. I love these, homemade in my friends kitchen, 100% soy wax, just fantastic quality, which is always a winner. 

What products have you all used up this month? Anything to recommend? :) 

Love Me Beauty Subscription: May

This month's arrival, Love Me Beauty is definitely worth the money, but I am unsure if I will continue, I just keep thinking I would rather have another Mac Lippy... But I'll see :) 

nail's Inc varnish in London Lane & Lexington Gardens. Lexington gardens is just beautiful... I can't wait to get this on my nails! :) 

Model Co cream blush in Peach? I would definitely describe this as more of a tomato red. But still beautiful on, just wasn't what I expected. 

Last up was the Ofra Lip Cream in Hollywood. This is definitely my favourite part of this month's box... Stunning pink, I love it :) 

What did you get in your box this month? Are you loving it still? Any recommendations from it? :) 

Nails: BarryM Mint Green

This week's nail post is brought to you from Barry M.
Mint Green is from their original collection (my favourite) and is a beautiful greeny blue colour. It took me around 3 coats to build this up to Opaque, but tends to last chip free for around 2-3 days. (longer if you apply the plump coat)
Barry M is available pretty much everywhere. This one I stole from my best friend, but they can be picked up in Boots, Superdrug and Tesco for £2.99 :)

Face of the Day: Mac - Sumptuous Olive


A green eyeshadow wouldn’t be something I would have ever picked for myself. But on payday I found myself in MAC hoping to add to my little collection of shadows.
Sumptuous Olive instantly caught my attention, I don’t know if it was my love for my new khaki coat which made me want to swatch this little beaut - but once I did I knew I just had to have it.
Surprisingly for a green I find it to be very warm toned, with gold shimmer running through it. It is beyond stunning all over the lid, and blends in beautifully with the rest of my pallet.
I have been rocking this look now for 5 days, and can’t see my love for this leaving anytime soon. Well Done MAC, you have won my heart again.
 (My lipstick is Morange from MAC)
I really appreciate any comments you do leave. Thanks for stopping by! :)