Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser Review*

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A new Favourite... 

This has been a morning staple for me now for over a month - and I have been loving it! I know shower cleansing isn't exactly the best, but for me, it works. I've used this every morning in the shower since it arrived. Being a clay cleanser - I assumed it wouldn't lather well, but I was pleasantly surprised. The formula is lightweight, fresh and easy to use - I find it really helps to leave my skin feeling clean without any residue. I typically have an issue with oil production - so I've found it really helps to keep my skin looking it's best without drying it out. 

For My Love of House Plants #2 (Guide & Information)

F O R  T H E   P L A N T   K I L L E R S
I kill cactus too. 
I can't keep succulents alive.
I suck with the obviously "easy" to keep alive plants. 
This is the list for you. If I can keep these alive but kill a £4.00 Jade, Aloe, Cactus and moulded wax you can handle these too. 

Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection Review*

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Pixi sure does spoil us! 

First up, the packaging this came in was just incredible - milk carton style, so cute. Perfect for the white sleek packaging of the bottles too, just a shame I've been using this all for months so it isn't looking this cute anymore! 

April Best Bits (of Quarantine) 2020

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 Unprecedented Times and all that... 

I managed to survive all of April in lockdown... *YAY* fair enough I'm probably a dress size more, and definitely drinking WAY more than I normally would - and my hair is now sporting some grey hair - ick. But I survived, in time for going back out onto placement tomorrow.