April Best Bits (of Quarantine) 2020

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 Unprecedented Times and all that... 

I managed to survive all of April in lockdown... *YAY* fair enough I'm probably a dress size more, and definitely drinking WAY more than I normally would - and my hair is now sporting some grey hair - ick. But I survived, in time for going back out onto placement tomorrow. 

So, I thought I would go through all my favourites from the past month, the bits pulling me through the month. 

A repurchase from years ago, I thought I would try out an old favourite and I'm so glad I did! Remembered why I loved this so much - it's such a classic! The smell is incredible, it foams beautifully and leaves my skin feeling incredible.

I finally managed to clear my lockdown spots and I'm giving this all the credit. My skin loves Niacinamide in skincare, so this is right up my street.  I've been using this every night - and haven't had a breakout since, so I'm hoping this will keep them at bay. 

It turns out the smell of quarantine is orangy. I do love this scent, it's incredible. The warmer weather has me reaching for it all the time - and I've fallen in love with it all over again. 

I love these pods. I'm loving my coffee machine at home at the moment (of course), and these have been my go-to pod in supermarkets. Mid-range price - and incredible taste. The casing is also recyclable. 

5. Amazon Wish Lists You can find my list here 
I've loved surprising people with gifts from the twitter amazon wish lists - they are such a lovely idea! It's been brightening up our day getting goodies through the post, AJ has loved it! 

I've loved listening to books through Audible while cleaning or working this month. I've read The Flat Share, The Prison Doctor and The Cows - and loved all of them :) Just so easy to put on and get lost in a book - away from being trapped inside. 

I'm SO glad I got these. I managed to pick them up second hand through Amazon Marketplace (so got a good deal). I have been listening to classes through my headphones alongside books. It means I can walk about without wires, and not get sore ears from in-ear headphones either. Win-win. 

8. Our Walks 
I've loved spending time with AJ while we were out exploring our local area. In the park, walking to the shop etc. The sunshine has been horrible inside the flat, so it's been lovely to be able to go out and enjoy it a little. Plus we found this beautiful Tiger.... and sang about Carole Baskin - of course. 

That's it... I could have listed far more things I have disliked this month - but I thought I would keep it positive. What have you loved this month? Let me know in the comments. 


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