Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection Review*

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Pixi sure does spoil us! 

First up, the packaging this came in was just incredible - milk carton style, so cute. Perfect for the white sleek packaging of the bottles too, just a shame I've been using this all for months so it isn't looking this cute anymore! 

The Pixi Cleansers are definitely one of my favourites for in the morning. I love how quick and easy they are to use, and I love the fresh scent. I've been through quite a few now so it's nice to try a new one. Definitely a more gentle approach, so this one would be perfect for sensitive skin. I've almost finished this one now - and although I have enjoyed it, I have prefered their other formulas. 

This one isn't "the one" for me. I like an oil or balm makeup remover - so I just don't find myself reaching for this at all. The formula is bi-phase and can remove light makeup well - without drying out the skin, but I simply prefer alternatives. 

I've been using peels and masks like mad since lockdown and have enjoyed this one when my skin is looking it's best - just to help keep on top of it. Really gentle and maintains moisture - yet removes dead cells as expected. 

Again, I enjoyed this - but not as much as their classic Glow Tonic. It's a gentle, hydrating approach - but I love my glow tonic! Find myself reaching for my trusty bottle instead of this. So passed this onto my friend (who has dry skin). 

Now I love a good hydrating serum for when my skin is needing it - and I've loved using this one. This has been fantastic for days in the house, adds moisture yet absorbs quickly. It also has Aloe Vera in it which is super soothing. I find myself reaching for this a lot. 

The minute I see "Face and Body" on packaging the only place I'm using it is on my body. So this hasn't been on my face. It's a nice body moisturiser though - pricey for that, so not something I would be running out to repurchase (especially as I go through them quicker). But overall a good body moisturiser :)

Overall, definitely not my favourite Pixi launch or collection - but I can see this being loved by someone who has sensitive and/or dry skin. I definitely prefer their Glow range so far, but it's lovely to see Pixi expanding and creating something for everyone.

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