September Favourites 2018

I'm still shocked it's the end of September already.

Another month down and we say hello to the bits I have been loving this month. All the pretty products. 

September Skincare Saviours

The months are now flying in, and this month has been super busy. This skincare routine has been all about quick and easy, along with dealing with stress affects - spots.

Who doesn't love a orange scented face wash for first thing in the morning? The Una Brennan range is incredible too, it's my go to for a mid range, high proforming skincare brand. LOVE them. 

I'm still using this constantly, and I completely understand the hype now, well and truly earned pixi. This stuff is incredible, so so good. I use it in the morning before SPF and moisturiser. 

Who doesn't love a hydration boost? This whole range is beautifully done. I have been using this to deal with my skin adjusting to wearing makeup every day again. It's light, easy to use and soaks in quickly. 

This has been my boost on mornings where I have slept in, or simply not had enough sleep - which is constantly when you need to leave at 7am. They are quick and perfect for on the go. I may have applied it in the car a few times before going into university. 

I would be lying if I said I had used anything other than this since it arrived. It smells amazing, it removes makeup in record time without drying up my skin or needing to rub excessively. 

My poor spotty face isn't liking all the makeup and stress, so I have been reaching for a cleansing mask over the past month to help clear up my pores from all the nasties. This one is perfect for the job, and I love using it after a shower while my pores are big. 

 I LOVE Niacinamide in skincare now, honestly don't know how I managed my spotty skin without it. Since using this I have reduced my breakouts massively, and my skin is clearer than it ever has been before. 

Applying a night cream remains my favourite skincare step, this is thick, creamy, hydrating, moisturising and a pleasure to use. I find my skin is at it's absolute best when using a night cream like this one. 

Which skincare items have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below 

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Summer Empties 2018

What is living in my bin... 

It feels like such a long time since I have done an empties post, so it was about time I did a little update on everything I finished up over summer. The sweatiest summer in history may I add. SO sweaty. I showered far too much lol. 

My Favourite Sleepy Scents

SO Sleepy... 

The first week of university is over, and I have never been so exhausted in all my life. On Tuesday I went to bed at 5.30pm. My issue is that I have been a backshift worker all my adult life. I go to sleep at 12.30am and sleep til 8.30am (Just in time for the school run). 

Kebelo Hair Treatment & Shorter Brown Hair With Fin & Co (Carnoustie)*

My hair has never been so soft & easy to manage.

A holiday in the sun and water parks, summer in the heat, killer dandruff after AJ had nits and I had to put 4x treatment in my extremely thick hair *BLECH*  The past few months RUINED my hair. It was drier than it has ever been before, and my ends were ruined. I went into see Fin & Co and my hair resembled a nest. - Not cute.

M&SBeauty: Formula Absolute Skincare*

M&S take on skincare...

I am slightly obsessed with M&S skincare range at the moment, they have such an amazing selection to choose from - so it makes sense their own skincare range will be incredible too. I have loved trying the Formula Absolute range too, SO nice. M&S describe it as:

"Formula Skincare is created with more than 20 years of expertise with results proven by real women. Proven to tackle 10 signs of ageing, Absolute offers the very best of Formula skincare. Luxurious textures designed to be layered into your skincare regime or combined for the Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution. 100% Intuitive skincare."

Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks + Swatches

*Turns Sept 1st* Ooooo Dark Lippies. 

There is never any hiding that Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of year. My pretty large lips love a dark red lip - and I love how it goes with my glasses. (weird I know). But still, now that we are into autumn, the darker lips are now everywhere, and I thought I would share with you the ones I reach for - new and old.

M&S Beauty: Sleepy Favourites*

Normality has arrived.. Hello Term-Time. 

Summer is over with the schools going back, how excited is everyone? With the arrival of September everyone seems to have gone back to their normality. Kids are tucked away in school, College has started and University semesters have begun. 

Top 10 Teen Movies I Will Not Admit To Loving (But Watch All The Time)

"What am I watching?... it's just a movie..."

I have been going through a phase recently where I am watching movies that 12-14 year old me would have loved - or did love at the time... it's like pre-relationship Erin is just wanting to believe in high school love again... or maybe it's just the lack of brain cells required to watch them... or potentially just because they are brilliant movies (even if I am slightly ashamed to admit it). 

Most of these fit the same mould. Awkward misfit girl finds herself and bags a cute as hell boy in the process. 14 year old me loves it. Even if 27 year old me thinks they are so unrealistic, really weird and I should probably grow up... 

First Impressions: L.O.V Makeup*

Say Hello to a New Brand...

I hadn't heard of L.O.V makeup until this little bag of goodies arrived in my mailbox about a month ago, I was excited to open them all and swach them - and they have been so much fun to play with over the past few weeks. 

Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Colour Lipsticks + ALL SWATCHES

What is the last thing I need? More Nudes... What did I buy... well yeah. 

Say Hello to the latest Bobbi Brown launch. Meet the Luxe Matte Range. *SQUEAL*. I LOVE a matte lipstick, and Bobbi Brown are quickly becoming firm favourites in my makeup stash. Needless to say I was VERY excited about this launch.... 

Blogger Types: Writer Vs Photographer

Are you a Photographer or a Writer?

I've been a blogger now for 3.5 years. It seems to have flown in, definitely a blink and miss it kind of situation. Over the past 3.5 years I have had the pleasure of  e-meeting and getting to know so many people through the blogging world. I spend a good chunk of my free time scrolling through their blogs I have grown to love and obsess over, but I have noticed differences in our creativity that I have found amusing and curious at times. 

MVMT: Camden Watch & Kilo Sunglasses + Money Off Code

Oh my goodness aren't they beautiful? 

A yellow watch is something I have been meaning to get for a while now, and this one definitely hits all the colour marks - it is utter perfection. 

MVMT is quickly becoming a well-known brand. I see them pop up on YouTube adverts, instagram, facebook - and all their products are SO pretty. They offer watches for both men and women, sunglasses, bracelets. Their watches also come with the option for additional straps - how fun.