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M&S take on skincare...

I am slightly obsessed with M&S skincare range at the moment, they have such an amazing selection to choose from - so it makes sense their own skincare range will be incredible too. I have loved trying the Formula Absolute range too, SO nice. M&S describe it as:

"Formula Skincare is created with more than 20 years of expertise with results proven by real women. Proven to tackle 10 signs of ageing, Absolute offers the very best of Formula skincare. Luxurious textures designed to be layered into your skincare regime or combined for the Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution. 100% Intuitive skincare."

My favourite of the items I have tried so far has to be the Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. It is INCREDIBLE. According to the reviews online I am not alone in that opinion either, everyone is raving about it - and for good reason too. It is moisturising, hydrating,  has anti-ageing properties and seems to be just the right consistency for a night cream. I have been happily using this for over a month now, slapping it on each night and seeing how smooth and hydrated my skin is! 

"Distilling the benefits of a good night’s sleep into an intensely moisturising product, this sleep cream is an absolute must-have to achieve soft, smooth and healthy looking skin. Apply this night cream before bed and let the magic of peptides and hyaluronic acid nourish and hydrate your skin, giving you a radiant and youthful complexion."

The Absolute Time Capsules are the perfect morning addition. These are SO handy for travelling too. I keep a few for in my makeup bag in the car - because I seem to forget to apply day cream if I am running late too. I love this under makeup, it seems to just give the perfect base - the ideal skin pick me up. 

"Supercharge your skincare regime with these intensively moisturising time capsules, specially designed to target stubborn wrinkles and crow’s feet that your day cream misses. Use these anti-ageing shots on cleansed skin every morning for a smooth, rejuvenated appearance and a boost to your confidence."

The Absolute Serum Elixir is my go to for after I have removed my makeup. I quite often remove a full face at 3-4pm, so between removing and evening skincare routine I like to give my skin boosters mid day if I have been cleansing. This one is perfect for this, quick and light - and leaves your skin looking and feeling a million times better after removing makeup.

"One product with a multitude of benefits for your skin, this absolute serum is specially formulated to intuitively target ten signs of ageing for happier, healthier and younger-looking skin. Apply this moisturising serum to the face and neck after your skincare regime."

The Micellar Cleansing Wipes are the handy addition. I love wipes for removing arm swatches and cleaning up fall out when I am applying makeup. They work beautifully and removed a liquid lipstick swatch with little effort - which is the ultimate test. I only really use these on my face after double cleansing to remove excess oil - to ensure my skin is squeaky clean. 

"Specially designed to protect your skin from the stresses of an urban environment, these cleansing wipes contain ultra-hydrating micellar water that works hard to remove dirt from your face. Use these micellar wipes to remove makeup, purifying and soothing your skin as you cleanse."

Have you tried M&S Skincare before? What was your thoughts?


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