Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Colour Lipsticks + ALL SWATCHES

What is the last thing I need? More Nudes... What did I buy... well yeah. 

Say Hello to the latest Bobbi Brown launch. Meet the Luxe Matte Range. *SQUEAL*. I LOVE a matte lipstick, and Bobbi Brown are quickly becoming firm favourites in my makeup stash. Needless to say I was VERY excited about this launch.... 

The Dundee Debenhams store invited me down to check out the range last week, you can check out some of the pretty photos here.

This launch is huge on their terms, adding 18 new shades, with a new formula into their permanent line up.

The new matte gold packaging is jut utter perfection, the shades are beautiful, and I couldn't wait to get the change to try some. The range is built around the idea of a perfect nude, the perfect bold and the perfect bright... needless to say I got a bit carried away with the nudes... but they really are beautiful.

The nudes seem to suit every and all skintone, some beautiful *your lips but better* shades, or mixing it up a little if you wish.

The reds and pinks have some classic bold shades, but there are some beautiful undertones or twists on classics I will be interested in trying...

and the brights.. well swoon. I want em all. (Espcially the purple).

The formula is very matte, think MAC Retro Matte formula, on first application can feel dry, but they are really comfortable to wear on first impression (I've had it on now for 7 hours!)

M Y   P I C K S

Well it turns out I am a sucker for a nude lip. Who knew? *everyone*

I managed to talk myself into getting two really simmilar nude lippies with different undertones... Boss Pink was my #1 pick, it is the perfect mauvey toned nude lip that just makes my heart sing. This shade of lipstick is my ultimate. It is pictured on the right on me. This was the one that caught my eye without swatching, it was the one I pointed at last week and said "I will want that one"

Bitten Peach is something a little different (sure Erin, keep telling yourself that) it has a peachy pink undertone, yet still remains a nude in my eyes. It's STUNNING. Sure it's autumn, but I just loved it on first swatch, and I knew I would end up needing it.

Have you seen this launch yet? What colours would you choose? Let me know in the comments :) 

You can purchase the Luxe Matte Lip Colours here for £28.00


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