First Impressions: L.O.V Makeup*

Say Hello to a New Brand...

I hadn't heard of L.O.V makeup until this little bag of goodies arrived in my mailbox about a month ago, I was excited to open them all and swach them - and they have been so much fun to play with over the past few weeks. 

So I thought I would pick my favourites from the collection they sent me to share on here.

My personal favourite from the bits they sent across has to be the eyeshadow palette. A mix between foiled metallic shades, metallic and shimmers - it is a warm dream.

The copper, red, bronze and gold are my go to's for bold lid shades, I mean look how perfect they are?

I also love the brown, orange and lighter shades... they definitely are not matte shades though - so those of us who need a matte shade to create an eye look may be reaching for other palettes, but for me it works.

The shades seem to be a good mix of all the most popular palettes at the moment, think Modern Renaissance, Naked Heat, Peach palette.

The formula is soft, buttery and smooth - definitely easy to apply and blend.

The Magnetic Loose Eye shadows are just SO beautiful, I could look at them all day. They are very like the MAC collection from last year, where the pigment sticks in the pan with magnets. The shade is a purple with a silver shimmer. SO pretty - and so pigmented too. 

Their red liquid lipstick is a staple to any stash, a true pillarbox red which sits beautifully and lasts aaaaall day long. 

From bold to a basic essential, a warm nude lipstick will be forever welcome in my makeup bag. 

BRONNNNZED. Who doesn't love a bronzer? Especially one which works on pale skin like mine, this one definitely ticks all the boxes. It blends beautifully and doesn't make me orange. YAY. 

The peachy blush of dreams. I have been using this constantly since it arrived, it applies beautifully and blends like a dream. I just love blush - such a staple! 

Overall, I am SO impressed with L.O.V makeup, I would highly recommend checking it out if you can get your hands on it! I'm hoping it will be easier to get your hands on in the UK soon.

Have you heard of L.O.V makeup? Would you be up for trying it? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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