Blogger Types: Writer Vs Photographer

Are you a Photographer or a Writer?

I've been a blogger now for 3.5 years. It seems to have flown in, definitely a blink and miss it kind of situation. Over the past 3.5 years I have had the pleasure of  e-meeting and getting to know so many people through the blogging world. I spend a good chunk of my free time scrolling through their blogs I have grown to love and obsess over, but I have noticed differences in our creativity that I have found amusing and curious at times. 

I have noticed we all share a love for creating content we are passionate about - in hoping that the people who opt to check it out love it as much as we do. This is something we all have in common, something we aim to achieve and work towards. This applies to all blogging catagories, not just beauty. Parenting, fashion, tech, lifestyle, food - the list is endless. 

Where we differ however seems to be how we express our love and creativity. I have found bloggers of all catagories fit into two groups. Those who love the photography, and those who love the writing. The majority have both within their blogs, but you can typically tell where their passion lies from a quick glance. 

The Writers

The writers love the written content. Gain joy and excitement through words and create content before considering the photos. They are the blogs you would happily sit for hours and read pages and pages, their enthusiasm shows with every paragraph written on any subject - so much so that the photos used may aid the context, but quite often play little affect on the feel of the posts. The photos are there for a clear purpose - to show the product, or to add something to the post, the shade or the look - but they are little more than a prop to refer to through their writing. 

The writers often find little joy in photography - see it as a part of the experience but do not obsess over the photo sessions or gain a joy from props or editing. I know a few writers who will admit to HATING taking the photos, will opt against it given any opportunity and find it a burden to deal with. This does not mean they do not try or appreciate photography... they just don't have the same enthusiasm as some... 

My favourite examples of Writers: 

The Photographers

The photographers plan their content around the photos they take, or photo concepts they come up with. They gain inspiration through photoshoots or photo ideas of products or locations, enjoy planning them, shopping for them, editing them, posting them. They express joy in bokah (blurry backgrounds) shadows, lighting, lenses. They love having a camera in their hands, and feel most creative through a lens. They are the blogs you gush over their photos, they are the ones that clearly spend hours thinking up concepts, risky shots or more complex editing just to express their enthusiasm for the topic. 

The photographers still write the content, but it is written around the photos they produce and edit, the words are there to aid the photos, to give explanation or to add what visuals cannot say. I know photographers who would sooner bulk photo shoot 20 posts and write none, they are the ones who have photos sorted for everything - but somehow never get around to writing the content. 

My Favourite Examples of Photographers: 

 Now, there are bloggers who completely smash both, but if you ask them, there is always a preference of which they prefer. This isn't a negative, or a criticism on any of us - its just a post of "oh yeah..." to have you thinking which side you belong to? What is it that gets your creativity going? 

I am firmly on photography side. Photo sessions make my heart sing and my head spin. I feel at my most creative with a camera in my hand and something to photograph. Blurry background, incredible graphics and new lenses has me so excited I could squeal. And the fact that the lipsticks don't align with the barrels in these pictures makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a spoon. Constantly looking to achieve photo perfection.

Incase that doesn't say it all, this post was created because I love these photos. Huge thanks to the Dundee Bobbi Brown who let me be creative with my camera at their counter... much appreciated. (Pssst the new Matte Range & Camo Luxe is out this week)

Now, which camp do you belong in? Remember, you don't need to be bad at either... just take enjoyment more from one or the other? Or is their anyone who genuinely loves both and gains creativity from both equally? I would love to know..


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