Nails: BarryM Matt White

Quick, its a throw back thursday... throwback to being 12-14 and painting your nails with tip-ex... yes I really was this cool.. ha! Did anyone else do this? Painting my nails white this was the first thing I thought of. But I must admit I do love the overall finish.
I'm really unsure as to why this polish is called "Matt" because it is definitely not Matte, maybe they wanted to call it matthew? no idea, but it's 100% shiney.
I love the finish of this, and although I am expecting this to chip off within 10 minutes like my tipex flashbacks its still going strong after 4 days. Impressed.
As you would expect from a white polish, it isnt opaque within one coat, but within 3 it is good to go. I find the white really brings out my tan, - ha lets be fair I dont have a tan, but next to this white it makes me believe I have one, a £2.99 holiday so to speak.
So if you are missing out on the tanning, and want to believe you really are a bronze goddess, opt for this polish, I promise it will not disappoint :)
Pick yours up here for £2.99

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