Mac: Dreaming in Matte

I swear every time there is a launch I just need, I have £0 in my back account, it’s just the way life works. You only want things you can't have.

This month it’s the new Matte Collection from MAC. And I just NEED whirl. And maybe a few more. Usually my need for new MAC items is removed because typically within 10 minutes it’s out of stock and my hopes and dreams die along with it. But not this time. There it is sitting on their website in a "buy me buy me" kind of way, taunting me. Can I cry now? Yes I think I might.

Has anyone else managed to pick up some of their new mattes? Or maybe just love their existing line up? My favourites at the moment have to be Honey Love & Velvet Teddy, so I know whirl will fit in perfectly.

My top picks would be Whirl (Dirty Rose), Runway Hit (Light Nude), and Heroine (Bright Purple) and Matte Royal (Deep Blue - Out of Stock)

Yes this whole Matte obsession is a bandwagon, created by one Kylie Jenner, but this is one I will happily jump onto. Whirl started life as a pencil; everyone became obsessed, so of course they just had to release it as a lipstick - which of course everyone now just needs in their stash.

Not only are Matte's super flattering, the MAC formula is incredible. They are thick and creamy, (so they don't dry into your lips leaving cracks) they are smooth and taste good, they just feel incredible.

My two nude options are the most used out of my stash, but the bolds are long-lasting and low maintenance, so if you are scared of a bold red, opt for a Matte, it won’t bleed, and I promise you will fall in love. I feel your collection is incomplete without a MAC Matte, go for it. Use this post as an allowance (Then tell me what you go for!)

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