Product Review: Lush's Brazened Honey

I must admit, I didn't look too much into this one before picking it up. Silly me - boy was I shocked!

I read the name in store, honey - whats not to love? Did my usual, in the shower, shouted on the other half to bring me it from the fridge (yep - I always forget) then smeer it on my face to soak in and dry while I shave my legs. 

Within 2 minutes I was squealing, turns out that the brazened honey has "warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices" within it. Basically meaning it gets really hot! Iain had a good giggle at me. 

Other than the surprise warming sensation this fresh face mask is packed with honey and ground almonds. Leaving your skin soft and smooth. With the ground almonds it also exfoliates your skin while you apply and remove.. I remove it either in the shower, or with a face cloth, I must admit it does leave my skin baby smooth, and super clean feeling.

I was really impressed with this one, application is really nice and it smells fab. As usual these do need to be used within 3-4 weeks and must be kept in the fridge. Can get around 5 applications from the tub so well worth the price.

Pick yours up here for £6.50

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