Book Review: Without the Calories


If you follow me on my foodie Intsagram (Shameless plug: @Erin31811) you will see I have been using reciepes to spice up our meal time. So I thought I would share, because it has been pretty successful! (and that is pretty amazing since I have a picky 4 year old)

First up was a pudding... it was far from instagramable, as the contents erupted mid cook, but the taste was pretty good. Marzipan mixed with apricot and almonds, always a winner.
My favourite had to be this pastry pizza type thing. I picked my topping then threw it in the oven for 20 minutes, perfect for leftover meat at the end of the week.

So simple yet I had never thought of it.. crumpets and scrambled egg? damn this is good.

The fruit & Yoghurt is a typical staple for me at breakfast time, i'm a healthy feend in the morning (its at night that I become a carb monster!) so having a colourful meal is always fun, and a bowl of fruit with the contrast & saturation up on instagram is a girls dream come true, haha
Last up was this beauty.. meatball lasagne! seriously it was so good. The book is worth buying just for that!
Overall it was a good purchase, but I wouldn't recommend it for loosing weight, the portions are small and it is really irregular with the number of people it feeds, it just seems to be adjusted to suit the number of calories, sometimes leaving you starving. Plus lets face it, if you are on a mission to loose weight there is much better things you can be eating. But the meals are yummy and its worth a go!
What I did love about the book is the number of ingredients you need for each meal are pretty low, I hate spending £10-£20 on a book then having to spend another £20 on just all the rubbish you need to make one thing.. then leaving your cupboards filled with 100g tubs with 10g missing. aaah the joys of cooking! So I would recommend this more for a family on a budget, as thats what we are - and we love it :)
Pick yours up here for £7.00


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