August's Empties

August's Empties... that sounds funny! but hey here they are. As always I have been collecting my rubbish and this month I decided to keep all the candles I have burned through this month...I am quite shocked..

1. Original Source Mango Shower Gel (£2.30 Boots) - first up is a constant in my empties, I go through these like crazy, and I must say these two are my favourites by far. The mango is just amazing! I would add I never pay more than £1.20 a bottle, keep an eye out - they are always on offer somewhere :)

2. Lush's D'Fluff (£5.75) - love this stuff, raved about it here

3. Lush's Ro's Argan (£16.50) - already repurchased. Love it to bits, probably sick of hearing about it, but if you aren't you can read my full review here

4. Body Shop Body Butter (£14.00) - This isn't mine, this is my other half. No Joke. He is better at moisturising than me, the shame I should have. Anyways I love it when he uses this, he smells amazing, and feels great too! He is due a shopping spree for skincare shortly, let me know if you would like to see what he picks up, a man haul!

5. Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids Showergel (£1.00 - Tesco) - AJ's addition to my blog. He likes this, and I like the smell... oh and its cheap. Win Win. Repurchased.

So here is my candle consumption. I'm looking and I feel like it should be more, but it's only because this doesn't include any tealights... would be crazy if I included those too! How many do you go through in a month?

Ikea Sinnlig Candle  x3 (£2.50) - Every time I go to ikea I get a few candles, use them then complain I should have gotten more. They are the best cheap candle you can get. See them, grab them!

Yankee Candle Beach Holiday (£13.98 - Amazon) - I seem to have gone though this one really quickly compared to the hell that was the bunny cake candle. Any recommendations on which one to go for next? I can never decide.

Next Candle (£3.50) - Picked up during the next sale. I like them, but the square shape means it never really burns correctly, always have excess, and that just hacks me off! haha but I must admit they are good for the price. Try one the next time you are there :)

9. Fabreze Candle (£2.00) - Always on offer, Tesco, Homebargains, Asda etc. Cheap and cheerful, these are usually in the kitchen to cover any leftover kitchen smells.

Wax Lyrics Candle (£5.00) - Available in Tesco's these are a good find, especially If you can grab them on offer. Excellent smells and burns brilliantly.

So there is my empties this month, what have you used up? tag me on instagram posts or twitter using @MakeErinOver or leave a comment in the section below. I love to hear from you! 

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