Fashion: The Denim Jacket

You know those days where you end up with leggings and a t-shirt on? The days you just want to be comfy, screw the fashion, I want to wear lounge Primark out of my house and pretend no one can see you?

This is the reason why everyone should own a denim jacket. It's effortless, those days where you just want to wear leggings are too many for me. So this just gives me the option of feeling fashionable with very very little effort. Looking like a slob? put the denim jacket on.

Of course they look adorable over a dress too, instant edge with a flowery dress, transitioning those summer dresses over into autumn.  

They are available everywhere right now, Primark too, this one is from Moto in Topshop. I managed to pick this up half price in their sale. I was completely buzzing to find it, what a brilliant find.

The reason why I love the Topshop version is a few reasons, the feel is soft, yet durable. The fit is fantastic, perfect length - but the best part about it has to be the pockets. It has huge pockets, the perfect warm my hands up, put my phone in, casually wander round thinking I'm oh so cool size. - and yes I totally do that. I know, how lame ha!

This is definitely a throw back item, all that's missing is trousers with a skirt over them, hello 90s! Thankfully nowadays we have straightners and nice makeup to glam it up, no frizzball hair for me. Well we will ignore this particular day.. but I am being realistic this is how I wear it. Primark Leggings, Primark top, Birkenstocks and the jacket. Done!

Now, I'm away for a coffee with my friends. Let me know if you have gone for a denim jacket and how you wear yours? are you tempted?

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