Book Review: I Followed the Rules

"I Followed the Rules" is a funny whitty novel by Joanna Bolouri. I would normally avoid any form of pink cover when it comes to reading.. as generally they fall into the category of "lovey dovey clap trap" as I call it. (Romantic Comedies) This one is exactly that, but somehow I found myself fixed.
I think this was mostly due to the characters. The lead character is a single, scottish, blogger, single mum... relatable perfectly for me. Her daughter Grace is a hoot, and her friends are halarious and of course then men are sexy and smooth.
The book walks through Cat's attempt at dating and her use of "The Rules of Engagement" as a last ditch attempt to save her collumn in a local paper (and of course her dating life)
You really don't need to be any form of genius to work out what happens, but reading it is a pleasure and I was sad to see it end... even at 2am after a hundred or so pages of "just one more chapter"
I was drawn to this by the "filthy" comment on the back as a review, I really wouldn't consider this a book to make you blush, but its definitely one to have a good giggle at!
What are you reading just now? Have you read this? Let me know in the comment section below :)
Pick up a copy here for £3.85

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