Cosmetics Haul!

Payday and splashing my cash. I needed some bits from Lush so thought why not share? :)

1. Ro's Argan (£16.50 Lush) - I cannot rave about this enough. Seriously, here is the blogpost!  
2. Brazened Honey (£6.50 Lush) - I used to be obsessed with these fresh masks, and they are worth the obsession. My skin has been dying for some loving so I decided to try something

3. Estee Lauder Blush in "Whitty Peach"  (£27.00 - Debenhams) - I had £15 in Debenhams points burning a hole in my purse so I went for a wander round. I wanted something I wouldnt normally buy. Something I would consider as being too expensive. After looking around for ages I spotted this. It's Ombre and beautiful. So glad I picked this up. Review coming soon :)

4. Elizabeth Arden (£3.99 - TK Maxx) - I seen these in TK Maxx and fell for the brown shades, thought for £3.99 they were worth getting even if I have zero intentions of using the blue/pink. I'm sure I will make use of them somehow!

5. Seventeen Liquid Liner (£3.99 Boots) - Simple and does the job perfectly.

6. Seventeen Lip Crayon (£3.99 Boots) - This was a freebie when I spent £5, worth the £3.99 though, its lovely on and very glossy. Yet isnt sticky. Win!  

7. Seventeen eyeshadow (£3.89 Boots) - I'm so in love with this, check out my full post on it here

So this is what I picked up, what have you been getting yourself recently? anything nice? let me know in the comments below :)

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