August's Wish List

The Wish List

The Recap

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - impatiently waiting...
2. Naked Smokey - I decided not to go for it this month. Which i'm sure I will regret the minute it sells out. I'm sure I will buy it. I just would rather spend my extra cash on other things.... (I know I know, shocking)
3. Ro's Argan - Purchased. Can Read my full review here
4, 5. A Summer Fragrance - I thought it was going to be a fight between bronze goddess and Jo Malone. Turns out Elie Saab won, can read the full post here
6. The Next Sale - I went and I conquered. (another shameless plug here)

1. Clinique Pop Lip (£16.00 - Boots) - I want to try these. I keep swatching then change my mind, but its going to have to happen. Recommendations on colours? I really like the look of the Nude Pop, but thats typical me. Maybe try something a bit different :)

2. Soap & Glory Rich and Foamous (£6.50 - Boots) - I keep looking at this in store.. then never go for it, simply due to the cost. I may just need to go for this as a treat on payday!

3. New Decorations - (Next) I got myself new bedding and curtains in the next sale, totally changing up my colour scheme to white and blue, but I am after some new bits and pieces to minimally clutter, mainly a vase, some pillows and a few candle dishes etc.  

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Christmas Palette (£??.?? - SpaceNK) - This will stay in here until its released (Hopefully soon) I am so impatient, but seriously its so pretty!
5. Bold Metals 201 Pointed Crease  (£9.00 - Boots) - See yesterday's post. I need another one, this brush is amazing.

6. Lego (£14.00 - Tesco) - My son Andrew turns 4 this month. I am so excited/depressed. Any mother will know the feeling. A childs birthday is amazing, watching them open their presents and have a day just for them. But with that comes the realisation that he is 4... he doesn't feel 4, he is my baby! Anyways. This birthday he is hoping for lots of Lego City, and I am hoping I get to build it all... ok i'm a child. But this is a serious perk to having kids. Toys.
What are you wishing for this month? have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

The pictures included in this blog are not my own, but used from the websites they are linked to, and I plan on buying from.

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