Book Review: The Magical City

I was convinced I wasn't going to to jump onto this bandwagon, yeah I love colouring in, but the books are expensive and I have hundreds of kids one at home. I am not giving in.... I gave in.
I've always loved colouring in, there is something so soothing about it. Mum and I used to lie on our livingroom floor fighting over pencils when I was little. It was always fun, especially when you can't draw at all, colouring makes you feel artistic.
My mum was always so good at colouring, making sure she coloured in the same directions and making everything beautiful. I'm less controlled, but I still enjoy it - and that's the whole point.

Have you climbed onto this band wagon? whats your thoughts?

I completely recommend crayola pencils, they beat all others. Pens are a bit too much, and whatever you do - dont use sharpies. They leak through the pages (sad times)

Pick yours up from Asda for £5

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