June Favourites

Another month over, another favourites. I love writing these posts, does anyone else? feels like you are rounding up the month..

Seventeen WOW Highlighter Review: How to get the Ultimate GLOW

I have spoken about this a few times now, and it has well earned its mentions on here. I just cannot get enough of this highlight. It really is something I now feel everyone should have in their stash.

I used this beauty in another post a few weeks ago now, on how to get a natural beauty look - but totally faking it of course. You can check out that post here.

But this one is all about how to use it to give you the most glowy glow you have ever seen. Your highlight will be bouncing off the moon after this...


I seem to have spent all of my money this month, like all of it. A years worth. Someone help me.

So here is the things I have picked up over the past few weeks, not makeup, but hopefully still interesting!

10 Reasons why having Thick Hair SUCKS.

As someone with stupidly thick hair, I hear a lot how lucky I am, how nice my hair looks and how much they wish they had my hair.

Well here is the things you don't think of, the reasons why I wish I had normal hair.

Project Pan 2016 - Update

I cannot believe we are pretty much half way though 2016...
It feels like yesterday that I wrote the Project Pan 2016 post, so I'm in shock that this is almost half way into the year already.. I mean what happened?
Anyway, I thought I would update you with which items I have managed to make my way though - and which items have no hope at being finished by December!

Sleek Haul & First Impressions (Highlighter & Contour)

Soooo a few weeks back Superdrug had 2 for £10 on sleek.... and well because these are £9.99 each, how could I say no?
I have been wanting both for a while now, and they never seemed to have the light contour palette in stock, but today luck was on my side, and I snatched up both for £10.00 - Winning :)

Product Review: Irresistible Me Hair Straighteners*

Every year around this time I start obsessing over my hair. Mainly with the urge to cut it. Cut it all off. This is mainly due to the heat, having long hair in summer sucks, especially when it is as thick as mine.

June Empties

Hello empties for June!

I am still unhappy with the format of this post, and considering changing it some more, so let me know if you have any suggestions, and if you like seeing this type of post? let me know below :)

June: Wishes and Regrets

So the 10th of every month for the past year has been exclusively reserved for my monthly wishlist. But for the past few months I just have not been feeling them. I don't know what it is about them that I haven't enjoyed, but I have found myself dreading writing them.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics ICE COLD skin frost Review and Swatches + UK DELIVERY

Say hello to my newest love.

Seriously it is beyond perfection, and so worth the hassle and fuss to get your hands on. So here is how I got mine, how it arrived, and how much I paid to get it here - ill also include lots of pictures and swatches next to Mary Lou (my most loved up to now)

Top Makeup Brushes From the Highstreet/Drugstore

Make Up brushes seem to be something I LOVE. I love splashing out on a new set, hoping to perfect the finish to my face. But I do love finding a bargain too, and these are my top picks for less than £10. I tried to find one for each area, so in theory if you had these in your stash, you wouldn't need anything else!

Overgate Event: Beauty Burst

My local shopping centre (aka heaven) is pretty awesome, you can read all about it in a post I did here

So when they invited me to another event, how could I say no? Especially one that is beauty themed, and comes with a chance to meet other bloggers.

Add Me On Snapchat

I never post on odd days, but here I am with a quick one just to ask you to give me an add on snapchat.