June Empties

Hello empties for June!

I am still unhappy with the format of this post, and considering changing it some more, so let me know if you have any suggestions, and if you like seeing this type of post? let me know below :)

1. Garnier Micellar Water - Blogger favourite, and I just love it. Everytime it comes to replace I look at something else then change my mind. Its good and I know it preforms well. (Repurchased)

2. Soap & Glory Foamous - This just seems to go on and on, but I loved the smell. What did annoy me about it is the pump. I love the concept of a pump, but one pump just isn't enough, you need a good six-seven. How many times can I say pump haha how rude. (I have replaced this with Champney's Body Foam) 

3. Batiste Neon Lights - Trusty dry shampoo, another one I always regret if I try anything else. I go through these way too much. But they are a must for long thick hair - which I hate washing lol. (Repurchased)

4. Collection Waterproof Fast Stroke Liner - this isn't finished... it just sucks. Sorry Collection, but this didn't even last a month before it went clumpy and impossible to apply. Hated it. (I have replaced this with my trusty Seventeen Wet Look Liner)

5. Benefit Bad Girl Lash - I actually really enjoyed this one. At first I felt like it wasn't doing much, but its definitely more of a lengthening mascara rather than a volumising one... so no idea why they called it "Bad Girl" but overall a good mascara. (Replaced with Maybelline the Falsies)

6. Nivea Hydrating Primer - I have had this for WAY too long, but with my Bourjois primer I just never use this. So finally decided to use this to get it finished. It didn't wow me to be honest, so doubt I would pick up another.

The Candles.
This month I have been using more melts than anything, but I did finally make my way through the large jar of Pink Dragon Fruit, it took me almost a month more than it usually would.. I blame the hot weather!
I also made my way through a little jar of the chuppa chupps Mango candle. these are super cheap from Tesco. Cannot complain over them, they smell fab.
That deformed candle was a ball candle from primark, I bought it just to see how it would melt. Somewhat disappointing lol.

I have also gone through 25 tea lights burning wax melts. I have typically been using vanilla - as it just smells so homely. But I have used some of the spiced apple ones too. I really need to do a post on my favourite wax melts, I use way too many of them!

Let me know in the comments below which melts are your favourite to use, or which candles you enjoy the most? also which items have you finished this month?

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  1. Love the soap and glory but know what you mean about the pump, haha.
    Gemma x

  2. I go through bottles of Batiste disgustingly fast, need to get a new one right now and I love Bad Gal mascara. I am the worst at finishing products the only thing I have finished is my Batiste bottle too. Great post, lovely x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. Garnier micellar water is my favourite and I keep purchasing it! I had the same primer and it didn't wow me either and I ended up giving it away as I wasn't using it.

    Ela BellaWorld

  4. Cannot live without dry shampoo! I think I moaned to you about the eyeliner before, isn't it just horrendous. Really disappointed with it.
    Aand does someone have a candle addiction.... haha. Great monthly faves lovely xx

  5. I love reading empties posts and I like that you included if you repurchased it or if you used another product in it's place once it was done!
    I used to go mental with dry shampoo when my hair was long as I hated washing and drying it! I always went for the cherry one! I love super cheap candles so I may have to give the chupachups one a go!

    Jasmine | http://kkochsongi.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I love the Bad Gal lash mascara too! I did like the They're Real a little more though :) I go through a lot of candles every month also.

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  7. I love seeing these kinds of posts but I always get a bit envious because I never seem to finish anything!


  8. Nice products, I really have to try that Batiste dry shampoo, sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  9. I love the Garnier Micellar Water! I use it everyday without fail and its my favourite! :)
    Kia x x x


  10. Lovely products. I love Yankee Candles as well, they smell divine!

    Happy Wednesday Doll! Kisses,
    BLOG | Taislany

  11. I get through so many bottles of Batiste it's insane (or gross haha).

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  12. Empties posts are my favourite posts to read, I like when you get a complete idea of a product after you used it and an honest opinion about it. I think that I am the only blogger that does not empty products haha, I use so many of them and cannot manage to finish them! Love the Garnier Micellar Water! :)


  13. It's interesting to hear your view on Benefit's Bad Girl lash mascara - I can never decide which I prefer more; volume or length. However, right now I've found Lancome's Hypnose Doll Mascara is doing both (in case you're looking to try a different one!). Also, I actually really like the format of your 'empties' posts - personally, I don't think anything needs changing on that front :)


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback on the post lovely. Good to know its liked. It's just hard getting some posts to fit with a flow you have going :) And I have heard good things about the doll mascara already, I really need to try it out :)

  14. batiste dry shampoo is the best !


  15. I have yet to try Bad Girl but I don't get along with Benefit's mascaras, not even Roller Lash that everyone seems to love. I do adore Maybelline The Falsies and have repurchased a few times.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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