I seem to have spent all of my money this month, like all of it. A years worth. Someone help me.

So here is the things I have picked up over the past few weeks, not makeup, but hopefully still interesting!

1. The New Phone.
I have had my iPhone 5S for 2.5 years, long enough for one phone, especially when the minute I got out of my two year contract and it started acting up - typical! But anyway after having to replace a dodgy screen and then having more issues I decided enough was enough, and upgraded.
So here is my B - EAUT - iful new iPhone, Gold, 6S + with the 64GB memory.
It turns out when you are with EE, and decline your upgrade and move onto the rolling monthly SIM contract - they give you a much better deal trying to get you back in. Suited me perfectly. Hello new phone!

... and of course I had to get a new Skinny Dip Case, with pineapples. CUTE! :)

I also decided to get an iRing, I had seen LilyPebbles had gotten one, and I didn't see the point of it up until now. I have tiny hands, and with the size of this phone I am now terrified of dropping it, this just gives it a lot more security. Well worth the £2.59 I paid for it.

2. The New Bed.
Back in Mid May my poor bed broke. Right down the middle the frame just collapsed and left me in tears over my room. So I went on the hunt for a new one, and I must say buying a bed is the WORST thing ever... well unless you have a spare £500-£1000. It took me ages to decide on which one I wanted, but I eventually decided to buy this one from Tesco. I ended up paying about £150 (from £300) for it, I used all of my vouchers against it.
I must say though I am super proud of myself for building it all alone. Definite girlboss points there.

3. The New Glasses.
So at the start of this month I went to get my eyes checked - as I was having bad headaches. My optician put this down to the weight of my old frames and a slight change in prescription. So I decided I wanted needed new frames. I spent ages online looking at different places to buy from, and finally spotted Iolla on Instagram. They offer super cute frames and lenses for £65. Was too good to miss.

I then spent a good three weeks annoying the social media team at Iolla over which ones to go for. In the end I opted for a pair of Rust-Fade Smiths. I could not be happier with my decision.
And of course I just had to also buy myself a pair of prescription sunglasses too. 'Cause wearing sunglasses over glasses so you can drive is not cool. So I treated myself to a pair of Clear Crystal Bell's - no more sacrificing my sight for cool glasses. I am also seriously impressed with how on trend they look for their price. At £65 they are a total steal for sunglasses.
Also huge shoutout to Iolla. My glasses were delivered on Wednesday after me only ordering them on Sunday - yup! that quick! Also their customer service is on point, highly recommend checking them out... (I may already be eying up a pair of Muirs...)

So there are the reasons I have no money left this month, well spent i would say, and thank goodness July is double pay month! 

What have you been splashing your cash on recently? Which items do you need soon? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. That phone case is to die for! x

  2. I can't wait to upgrade my 5s defo want a rose gold 6s ! xoxo

  3. The I ring looks amazing! I need one of those in my life as I always drop my phone. Gemma x

  4. The phone case is perfect haha! I love fruit prints, especially watermelons and pineapples! | Bloglovin’ 

  5. I really should invest in prescription sunglasses!! Putting in contacts everytime I want to wear sunnies is the most frustrating thing 😭, loved this post!! xx

  6. What an adorable phone case! Have a great week, Erin xx

    Edye | Http://

  7. I love your new glasses! I have prescription sun glasses now and I love them! I'd never go back to wearing normal, I don't think. My glasses make such a difference, I'm scared of losing mine though as I always lose sunglasses and mine were quite expensive!

    That phone case wins.

    Corinne x

  8. I love love LOOOOVE your new glasses :) they suit you so well! Great choices there :) Also that phone case is to die for since I'm a bit of a pineapple fan haha :D love it<3
    I've actually been more on the saving mode. We're planning on going on holiday next month but haven't yet bought any tickets, so that's why :)
    Loved reading this <3
    Emma xxx

  9. I had never even heard if the iRing! I so want one now! Such a great invention! Lol
    Amina xx |

  10. The iRing is a great idea! I've not seen them before. This is definitely something I need for when I get a new phone, I smashed the screen on my current one :( x


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